Download your brand’s app? Give me just one reason …

When you look at the world from a 10-years-from-now point of view, some things become really simple. First, all commerce is becoming digital. Second, all things digital are moving to mobile. And third, brands and retailers that want to have a strong, loyal, connected, and dedicated relationship with their customers need to be riding along on … Continued

[Infographic] Mobile marketing: Brazil by the numbers

Brazil is an untapped market for advertisers and app developers, with more and more people buying smartphones each day and looking for interesting apps to download. See why Brazil is up and coming for mobile with our brand new infographic. Marketers—Have you included Brazil in your business strategy? Let us know in the comments section … Continued

Welcome to your front-row seat on (mobile) history

Ever wonder what it would be like to have a front-row seat on critical events in history? The opening skirmishes of the American Revolution, Churchill’s “we shall fight on the beaches” speech, Canada’s cold-war victory over the USSR in the 1972 ice hockey super series… (OK, I’m Canadian, you insert your own highlights.) For the … Continued

Why Global Marketers Need to Pay Attention to Brazil

With a population of more than 200 million people and an increasing surge in mobile users, Brazil is commanding the attention of global marketers, and rightfully so. Though the country is experiencing a recent economic downturn after a decade of prosperous growth, more and more of Brazil’s inhabitants continue to use mobile devices—a number that … Continued

[New case study] OGMobi Creates Profitable Mobile Monetization Tool, Powered by HasOffers’ API

Company Overview OGMobi is a mobile advertising network specializing in connecting advertisers with publishers’ mobile traffic. The company offers unique mobile monetization tools like a mobile content locker and Mobile Rewards program, incentivizing users to download advertisers’ apps. Through OGMobi’s unique tools, apps can be promoted through iOS and Android, sending install data back to … Continued

Mobile Marketing’s Uncharted Territory

It’s one of marketing’s fundamental trends: As global smartphone usage rises, an ever-greater share of online activity moves to mobile devices. The shift means that mobile is becoming a fundamental element of business strategy for nearly every industry. Marketers ranging from big brands to small businesses are just starting to incorporate mobile channels into their … Continued

Customer Spotlight: AppLift leverages HasOffers’ API, freeing up engineering resources to grow business

AppLift, a performance-based user acquisition network, started in 2012. But before launching, the Berlin-based company searched for a solution that was reliable from a product and technical perspective, as well as a team they could believe in. They chose TUNE because of the option to build on top of the API, without having to “reinvent … Continued