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Measuring Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

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With over 600 million mobile users as of September 2012, Facebook is poised to be one of the largest publishers on every device. Facebook is in a fairly unique position to help mobile marketers and app developers acquire and engage users because of this extensive reach.

Facebook mobile app install ads are the connecting point between mobile marketers and Facebook Android and iOS app users. Mobile app install ad units introduce Facebook users to new apps while also reengaging users with previously downloaded apps.

Recognizing the importance of Facebook to mobile app marketers, we recently announced the integration of our MobileAppTracking (MAT) product with Facebook as a mobile measurement partner for Facebook mobile app install ads.

With the help of MAT, HasOffers measures the performance of Facebook mobile app install campaigns, alongside any other currently running mobile app campaigns. This post offers some insight into how MAT adds value to Facebook mobile app install campaigns as part of an overall mobile marketing strategy.

From Facebook to App Install

When a user taps a mobile install ad in either the iOS or Android Facebook app, they are taken to the app store to download the app. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the app install event is attributed to Facebook. The process looks a bit like the image below.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads Flow

Setting Up Integration

Before an app developer starts measuring Facebook mobile app install campaigns with MAT, the developer is required to update the app’s privacy policy to reflect compliance with Facebook data and privacy policies. A Facebook App ID from a Facebook developer account is also required. Here’s an example App ID:

Facebook App ID

The Facebook App ID is stored in the Mobile App Details in MobileAppTracking, similar to the example below.

Facebook MobileAppTracking Configuration

Measuring Revenue and LTV for Mobile App Installs

Once an app is configured for Facebook mobile app install ads, campaigns are measurable via the MAT interface. MobileAppTracking attributes the following types of events to all publishers (including Facebook):

  • Clicks and installs
  • Events generated by installs
  • Revenue generated from events

Here’s an example of what the reporting would look like:

Facebook MAT reporting

While it’s important to be able to get data about Facebook campaigns, the full value of MobileAppTracking is attributing new users and in-app revenue to each publisher included in a comprehensive marketing effort in order to compare the value delivered by each publisher. With the detailed reporting provided in MAT, it’s possible to see which publishers deliver users with the highest LTV, providing the agility necessary to adjust mobile app marketing spend to the campaigns where LTV and revenue goals are achieved.

As you can see, measuring your mobile app install ad campaigns with MobileAppTracking is both a simple and powerful way to integrate the performance of your Facebook marketing efforts with other app install advertising.

Guest Contributor

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  • Valentin PlayΓ‘

    Many Thanks Jake! πŸ™‚

  • Antonio

    Just one question, how the tool knows if the install was produced from a Facebook ad or from another site?

    • Our integration and partnership with Facebook allows us to read an encrypted and anonymous identifier on install that Facebook generated on click. This attributes the install correctly to Facebook.

  • Oh, I was wondering who kept advertising Hungry Rudolph to me. πŸ™‚

    Can you explain to me if this suffers from the same weirdness that Facebook direct has, where Installs and Clicks are bundled under the same metric? Or, if I were to set it up through MAT, would it actually just show me Installs?

    • The MAT SDK actually reports the app installs that result from clicks on Facebook’s mobile app install ads program πŸ™‚

  • Tony

    Will I be able to see in-app purchases that originated from a facebook mobile ad install?

  • Dinesh

    My site’s name is Appinstall .. πŸ™‚

  • Pete

    Jake, Do i need to embed the AppID / App Secret generated on Facebook for an app into the App itself? How will you detect that the App install which happened was for which App ID?

    Suppose I am not the app Developer and only insterested in App Installs :
    1. I can create an App on Facebook, generate a unique App ID / App Secret
    2. Register the App ID / App Secret with MAT (as given above)
    2. Run a facebook campaign
    3. When the app is installed, will MAT automatically attribute the App ID / App Secret to my account?

    Or does this require the App developer to insert into App code?