What You Need to Know About Google Analytics 360

One month ago, Google Analytics announced the introduction of their Google Analytics 360 Suite. If you’re still not sure what this is and what it means to you, you’re in good company! So I’m going to break it down for you. This suite includes the addition of brand new products including Attribution 360, Audience Center … Continued

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At TUNE, we’re not just passionate about mobile marketing, we’re passionate about sharing our mobile marketing expertise with you, to help you perform at the top of your game. From best practice guidance to industry insights and perspective to groundbreaking mobile marketing research — we share our best with you. You’ve downloaded our reports like … Continued

Introducing TUNE BI

Extend and enhance your mobile marketing business intelligence with TUNE BI. Data-driven decision making is the foundation of sustained mobile marketing success. The ability to access, analyze, and draw meaningful conclusions from data is absolutely essential to improving and optimizing campaign performance. Mobile marketers that work with large data sets understand that without business intelligence … Continued

3 Major Types of Mobile Analytics

At the heart of mobile analytics is the desire to identify meaningful patterns in data. However, pinning down a precise definition for the term “mobile analytics” can be challenging. Part of this difficulty is appropriately attributed to the fact that “mobile analytics” is used by various organizations to describe different types of data discovery that … Continued

5 Ways To Detect Fraudulent Activity In Your Network

HasOffers provides many tools to prevent your network from affiliate fraud, whether it be our own fraud reporting, monitoring, or settings that prevent conversion tracking to be manipulated by affiliates. Fraud score (profile based) – customize your own fraud criteria to approve new affiliates and monitor affiliate profile fraud. Give weight to the fraud criteria your network … Continued

Google’s Content Experiments + HasOffers Goals = Conversion Optimization on Steroids

Technology has simplified so much of our lives these days… Especially our businesses. We are truly living in the “golden age” of technological entrepreneurship. The amount of free and competitively priced technology available to today’s businesses is insurmountable, meaning that the sky is the limit! Equally significant is the amount of “untapped” technology within feature … Continued

What You Should Know About GET and POST Methods

Performance marketers rely on accurate conversion tracking and the resulting attribution of the source responsible for driving each conversion and the conversion itself. Depending on the technical requirements for the conversion tracking of a campaign, client-based and server-based tracking methods can be used. If you are using server-based tracking methods, you can choose between two … Continued

Localizing your keywords to attract international users

Note: This is a guest post by Benjamin Zadik, founder of Babble-on app localization. Check out his new iOS Glossary featuring the most commonly localized terms in 12 different languages here! You’ve launched your mobile app and your increasing revenue has convinced you to market the heck out of it. One of the easiest — … Continued

Three Underused Tools for Online Marketing

New marketing opportunities become available on a regular basis. Figuring out which ones are worth your time can be tough to keep up with. I find the best way for me to stay on top of the latest trends is to check in with other experts and see what they are testing. At Affiliate Management … Continued

Affiliate Automation Tools

For affiliates in content publishing space, finding the right methods of monetization can be a challenge. At Affiliate Management Days in Fort Lauderdale, Peter Hamilton moderated a panel on affiliate automation tools. The panel was well rounded with representatives from the various aspects of automation. Large affiliate networks were represented by Scott Allan of LinkShare. … Continued