Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Man Crushes

Just in case you’re unfamiliar with the “Man Crush” phenomenon, I’ll leave you with the urban dictionary to sort it out. I can tell you it is a term not to be taken lightly and definitely not something I go handing out willy nilly. To be a man crush for me, there has to be a strong sense of admiration, envy, and respect. I suppose my affiliate marketing man crushes all have something in common – an awesome social connection. These guys are all extremely good natured, fun loving guys I can party with and still trust them to babysit my niece.

Not only that, but their accomplishments in our industry are tremendous. Some of them are HasOffers clients, some partners, and others are just connections from trade shows, events, and second hand relationships, but these guys are all legit, prime distinguished gentlemen, and I’m honored to work in an industry where I get to interact with them.

David Burke

David BurkeiNC Network
This Aussie knows his stuff and continues to conquer the world of retail in the land down under. Boasting customers like IKEA and Kmart, David is definitely worth crushing on.

Michael Cataldo

Mike Cataldo29Rhino
Oh Cataldo. That boyish grin. That Boston charm. No wonder you’re killing it with your own network. He and his partner Bob are really taking the network experience to new heights (literally, check out their about page). On top of that I would trust Michael with my personal bank account.

Geno Prussakov

Geno PrussakovAMNavigator
A fountain of knowledge, a machine blogger, and one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet in affiliate marketing. On top of that, he started a new conference just for affiliate management (loooong overdue). Check out AMDays 2012.

Rafael Zelik

Rafael ZelikAffiliaXe
Rafael has to be the most gracious host you’ll ever meet. I feel like he’s taken half of our team into his family while he continues to destroy it with traffic. He’s got that lone ranger appeal. I’m not really sure what he does, but he’s killing it and I respect that.

Florian Lehwald

Florian LehwaldKissMyAds
You can find this international man of mystery at just about every conference around the globe. This guys is a serious jet setter, but from what I can tell, he knows how to take time for himself and enjoy life at the same time. I’m not anywhere close to this level of balance. Interactions with Florian are best over a German beer or a steakhouse in New York.

Chris Bishop

Chris Bishop7ThingsMedia
I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at a conference and though I’ve been familiar with he and his team, meeting him in person enhanced my respect. Chris is extremely savvy on international markets. And that accent… yes, that accent.

Michael Ossendrijver

Micahel OssendrijverAdsimilis
Probably one of the most understated affiliate network giants around, and he likes it that way. Michael hails from The Netherlands and rocks an amazing fro. Adsimilis has become one of the most trusted networks around and you only have to spend a couple minutes with Michael to understand why.

Jason Spievak

Jason SpievakRingRevenue
If pay-per-call were the Matrix, Jason would be Neo. His experience coupled with his ridiculously strong business savvy puts him at the top of my list of people to run into at a conference. I usually find he gives something new to think about in every conversation.

Javier Barragan

Javier BarraganBuckSense
If you’ve ever met Javier, you know this is a guy you can take home to momma. He seems to know everyone in affiliate marketing and everybody not only knows him, but loves him too. His success in building BuckSense has been unbelievable and far beyond any expectations.

Lucas Brown

Lucas BrownCEO, HasOffers
After three years of closely working with Lucas I can say that my man crush has never dwindled. He sees the world in a different way than I can, and his fight, work ethic, and commitment are second to no entrepreneur I have ever met. If you ever get the chance to buy him a drink, do it.

So tell me, who is your affiliate marketing man crush?

Peter Hamilton

Peter is CEO and Partner at TUNE. Developing his early skills as an online marketer in SEO, PPC, and Media Buying, he met the twin co-founders of TUNE in 2009 and had the opportunity to join prior to day one, leading product marketing for the company's first launch. He continues to contribute to media, white papers, analysts, and industry blogs with the goals of educating mobile marketers and making the digital marketing ecosystem more connected. Follow @peterhamilton

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  • Mobile Advertiser

    Why isn’t Alex Tstatkin of MobAff on here!? Every man crushes on angry Russians!

  • Stephanie Lichtenstein

    Ok, my affiliate marketing man crushes are…
    @digijoe and the writer of this fun article :)

  • Tricia Meyer

    Apparently I am really missing out because I only know 1 of the 10!!

    • Stephanie Lichtenstein

      Same I don’t know many of them I definitely know Jason, Tricia who do you know?

      • Tricia Meyer

        Just Geno, I think.

        • Stephanie Lichtenstein

          Right, I know who he is just not IRL

  • Jessica Lynn

    Peter, I’m a little upset you didn’t include yourself on this list!

  • Cheryl

    Peter thanks for your man crushes mine are Dave and Dave at empower look them up maybe it will be your next crush.