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Top Sites to Target for App Reviews

Guest Contributor

Looking for app reviews that can really drive downloads? Here’s how to think about which sites to target…

Mobile developers rely on app reviews to increase awareness and drive downloads. But actually getting a review on a high-traffic site can be hard to pull off — there are dozens of app marketing and PR firms who charge big bucks just to help developers secure media coverage for their mobile apps.

AppStoreHQ continuously monitors app reviews from around the world to calculate our Hottest Android Apps, Hottest iPhone Apps and Hottest iPad Apps lists. Our media analysis engine tracks more than 500 different media outlets and has indexed and analyzed more than 50,000 app-related news items over the past two years.

Since app reviews are a major driver of downloads for developers in all app categories, we thought it would interesting to turn the AppStoreHQ reviews database upside-down and shake out some data to help mobile developers target their efforts to generate reviews and increase sales.

Guest Contributor

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