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"The key part that helped us was the integration Snapchat has with TUNE. The setup was seamless and the user journey allowed great results.”

Abishek Pandeya
Biddable Media Manager

One Unified Platform

"We have started to evangelize TUNE as our source of truth for mobile apps. When we found TUNE, it was actually a godsend because we were able to consolidate everything onto one platform.”

Genevieve Owyang
Director of Mobile Marketing

Granular Reporting

“TUNE had everything that we were looking for. We've looked at other attribution partners, and TUNE just had everything that we needed.”

Janet Tran
Senior Manager of Mobile Growth

Paid + Organic: Better Together

“TUNE is just such a great partner. Understanding the behavior of my organic users versus my paid users is very helpful, especially for understanding how I can prioritize, be it app store optimization or more paid acquisition.”

Gwen Murray
Head of Mobile Marketing

Fraud Prevention

“As we continue to test and look for new CPI deals to grow our user acquisition, TUNE fraud reports and tools are going to be crucial for us in being quick to execute on app install campaigns while being confident we're not wasting money on fraudulent traffic.”

Alfred Mai
Senior Marketing Manager

ROI Insights

"The biggest benefit of TUNE is really to say, How do I take this one marketing dollar to get two marketing dollars or three marketing dollars incremental out of it? And ultimately, TUNE has been an invaluable partner in helping us accomplish that: to take one set of spend, get more return value out of it, and use more marketing dollars to continue to evolve what our campaigns are."

Scott Stanchak
Managing Director of Mobile Marketing Strategy, Beta and Off-Platform

App Store Optimization

“To be able to track a user as it comes through from an ad, to the app store, to the app — that’s a very disruptive experience. TUNE helps make that story more cohesive, and gives us insight into the story behind the user and how they end up on our platform — and the way they behave on our platform once they’re there.”

Esther Hwang
Senior Marketing Manager

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