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In-App Marketing

Own the value of the users you acquire

User segmentation

Push notifications & in-app messaging

A/B testing

Define your in-app audience.

Tailor their experience.

Keep them engaged.

You work hard—and spend a lot—to acquire your users, but if they aren’t active or they abandon your app, you have to do that work all over again.

With In-App Marketing, the Tune® Marketing Console (TMC) now gives you ownership of the entire mobile marketing funnel, from first touch to ongoing retention, in one integrated platform. By optimizing user experience and delivering relevant content to the right people at the right time, In-App Marketing drives higher engagement and maximizes each user’s value.

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In-App Marketing is integrated with the current version of the Tune SDK. If you’re already a TMC client, request a walkthrough from your account manager. New to Tune? Request a demo.

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In-App Marketing makes engagement easy

Test in-app campaigns, serve targeted content, and publish changes to your app on the fly—without re-submitting to the app store.

More of the 100 highest-grossing apps work with Tune than any other mobile marketing platform.


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