Advertising fraud is one of the biggest risks that marketers face. In 2016, Forrester estimated that advertisers spent over $7.4B on fraudulent or unviewable inventory. Our approach is to seamlessly connect marketers to their ad partners and provide both sides of the ecosystem with all the data, tools, and intelligence necessary to prevent fraud.

MARKETERAD PARTNERIdentify fraudAct on fraudMonitor trafficEnforce fraud rulesAutomate fraud recommendationsAlign on fraud rules

Identify Install and Click Fraud


Confront suspicious traffic sources with data by pinpointing irregularities down to the sub-publisher and sub-campaign level. TUNE Fraud Reports help you fight back against fraud with comprehensive traffic and install reporting.

Three types of fraud to identify include:

  • Click spamming
  • Click injection
  • Invalid install


Take Action Against Fraud


Prevent fraud by operationalizing your business requirements with TUNE Fraud Rules. Use custom fraud rules to credit, flag, or filter out traffic.


Customize traffic validation rules based on actions, filters, or operators:

  • Create granular fraud rules using device, geolocation, or campaign data.
  • Automatically filter or flag suspicious traffic sources.
  • Choose whether to send flag to the publisher via the postback URL.

Align With Your Partners


TUNE’s unique position in the ecosystem allows us to provide insights on fraud to both marketers and their ad partners. When results don’t meet objectives, our unbiased data helps marketers start the conversation with their ad partners and restore the trust required for sustainable growth.

TUNE Fraud Transparency Insights provide ad partners with:

  • Marketers’ traffic quality
  • Marketers’ fraud rules and conditions
  • Reason codes for rejected installs to help partners take action on decisions

Automate Your Fraud Strategy


TUNE Fraud Recommendations decipher fraudulent patterns in real time.


Automatically detect and classify potential fraud:

  • TUNE’s algorithm evaluates and recommends actions down to the country, sub-publisher, and sub-campaign level.
  • Marketer takes action to incorporate the recommendations as they apply.

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