TUNE Partner Center

Minimize the back-and-forth with marketers

TUNE Partner Center is the first and only solution in the mobile ecosystem built specifically for ad partners. The platform acts as a gateway to the TUNE Marketing Console, giving our integrated ad partners complete access to the same data as TUNE Marketing Console marketers — and one easy place to manage, configure, and troubleshoot campaigns.

Partnership has its benefits:

  • Optimize campaigns based on real-time results
  • Create postback templates in just a few clicks
  • Configure measurement templates so parameters are never missed
  • Access logs to immediately address discrepancies
  • Pin your most-viewed marketers for quick access
  • Compare your campaign performance through benchmark reporting

How do I get login access to the TUNE Partner Center?

We take the TUNE Partner Center certification seriously and work with each applicant individually. It’s easy to get the integration process started. Email partnerships@tune.com to get set up.

TTUNE created a great piece of technology with the TUNE Partner Center. It has solved the issues that many partners experience, and TUNE has accomplished this in a simple way. We use the platform daily and are impressed with how it enables us to see performance metrics in real time — just as the marketers we’re working with see them. Not only does the TUNE Partner Center help us feel more connected with marketers, but it saves us time by greatly reducing technical troubleshooting. It’s important to have every advantage you can in this industry, and the TUNE Partner Center has proved to be an extremely useful asset to our business.


case studies & success stories

Vungle leverages TUNE Partner Center to cut troubleshooting by 30%

Become a TUNE Certified Partner

The TUNE Certified Partner Program is composed of integrated ad partners who are committed to upholding unbiased, trustworthy standards in the mobile marketing industry.