TUNE’s Fraud Analysis Reports help you fight back against fraud with comprehensive traffic and install reporting.

  • Analyze all of your traffic for fraudulent activity down to the sub-publisher and sub-campaign levels
  • Identify click spamming and click injection
  • Aggregate invalid installs by source
  • Understand what deterministic measures are being used to reject installs

Fight back against fraud today

Lag Time Variation Report

Analyze your traffic for suspicious activity

  • Analyze time to install to identify click spamming, hijacked organic installs, click injection, and other non-human activity.
  • Identify suspicious activity at a high level with the ability to drill down to sub-publisher, sub-campaign, and beyond.

Install Validation Report

Know why installs are rejected and which partners drove them

  • Aggregate rejected installs by partner.
  • Evaluate against the following criteria in real time to establish install legitimacy:
    • Invalid or missing iTunes/Play receipts
    • Jailbroken devices
    • Duplicate install attempts for the same IFA, GAID, or user ID
    • Google Play referrer passes a ‘Reinstall’ value
    • An ‘Update’ event measured prior to an ‘Install’ for a device

Fight back against fraud today
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