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with Attribution Analytics


Acquire and retarget high-quality customers by optimizing ad spend with your top partners.


Attribution Analytics

Put your budget to better use with Attribution Analytics. Our mobile insights and fraud prevention tools save you time and money with deep visibility into your best sources of customer growth.

Source new customers from top partners

User acquisition growth through mobile campaign optimization, measurement, and re-engagement

Simple, powerful partner measurement for campaign planning, segmentation, and optimization.

Understand your return on investment

Measure your return on ad spend (ROAS) by unifying cost and revenue data in one place

Unified ROI data across all digital channels and partners in one automated dashboard.

Detect and prevent mobile ad fraud

Detect and prevent mobile ad fraud with TUNE Marketing Console

Industry-leading tools and granularity for detecting and preventing mobile advertising fraud.

Learn app marketing best practices


Explore 100+ pages of best practices and expert advice for mobile acquisition, activation, retention, referral, and revenue.


Optimize your mobile ad spend

Save time setting up campaigns that measure anything & everything

Simple, customizable campaign measurement and faster partner setup. Robust APIs for immediate data exchange and unlimited measurement possibilities — if it can be viewed or clicked, it can be measured.

A ttribution Analytics Integrated Partners Name Client Adoption Click Volume Install Volume Action Export Filter Google AdWords Apple Search Twitter Ads AppLovin InMobi Fyber Measurement URL Create Measurement URL ID Name Created Mobile App Action Platform Partner Details Postbacks Attribution Settings Create Measurement URL Select your mobile app Select your partner Select your agency Select an option Measurement URL My Parameters Edit Save Save & Duplicate Cancel Choose an app City Navigator Choose a partner Crafty Panda Media Choose an app Choose a partner City Navigator (iOS) Crafty Panda Media Details Postbacks Attribution Settings Custom Postbacks Add Postback URL ID Postback Name Partner Mobile App Event Details Postbacks Attribution Settings Postback Templates Templates Generic (2) eCommerce (1) Usage, Rating, Sharing (3) Install Open Event Custom OFF ON OFF OFF

Search thousands of ad partners to work with, set up campaigns in a few clicks, and share your data with ease.

Amazon Media Group Pintrest SnapChat Line Twitter Kakao Baidu

Scale up ad partner relationships

Measure anything with thousands of integrated advertising partners with full support and measurement for app, web, mobile web, and connected TV apps. Key integrations with Google, Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Baidu.

Amazon Media Group Twitter SnapChat Pintrest Tencent Baidu

Find your best sources of customer growth

Discover which advertising partners truly bring in the most valuable customers and the best ROI with detailed performance reports based on people-centric segmentation.

A ttribution Analytics P a r tner Campaign 1 Campaign 2 App Partner Clicks Installs Events ROAS Revenue ClickJam 26,374 17,973 53,238 $49,282 $92,212 App Partner Clicks Installs Events ROAS Revenue ClickJam Traffic Sky 26,374 16,104 17,973 5,193 53,238 17,302 $49,282 $2,013 $92,212 $25,204 App Partner Clicks Installs Events ROAS Revenue ClickJam Traffic Sky 26,374 16,104 17,973 5,193 53,238 17,302 $49,282 $2,013 $92,212 $25,204

Analyze the performance of your campaigns in a single view, then optimize with the best.

A ttribution Analytics P a r tner P a r tner Re-engagements E v ents per D a y 0 D a y 0-1 D a y 0-3 D a y 0-7 ClickJam T raffic Sky 2.02 1.65 2,973 2,193 3,756 3,235 2,634 2,234 4,372 4,234 D a y 0-14 8,678 7,222 12,374 10,104 P ower 24 1.44 1,673 2,867 1,995 3,712 6,952 9,002 E v ents b y D a y f r om Re-engagement and P a r tner Re-engagement Cohort Partner Re-engagements Events per Day 0 Day 0-1 Day 0-3 Day 0-7 ClickJam Traffic Sky 2.02 1.65 2,973 2,193 3,756 3,235 2,634 2,234 4,372 4,234 Revenue $8,678 $7,222 12,374 10,104 Power 24 1.44 1,673 2,867 1,995 3,712 $6,952 9,002

Compare partners and channels based on their ability to bring customers back.

Maximize advertising investments via re-engagement

Customer growth is more than acquiring new customers. Find which ad partners excel at marketing to your existing customers. Leave no revenue behind with the re-engagement cohort report, a report unique to TUNE.

Mitigate your fraud risk

Automatically detect, remove, and prevent fraud. Built-in reporting transparency allows marketers and ad partners to easily share data to fight fraud together.

Attribution Analytics CLICK INJECTION NORMAL CURVE Fraud Rules Active Rules Create Rule Click to Install Time Conflicting Device Info Conflicting Click Country Active Rules Click to Install Time Conflicting Device Info Create Rule Name your rule Save Cancel Partner App Click IP Geo User Agent Device IP Device OS Version Equals any Does not equal any Contains Does not contain Starts with Does not start with Device IP Contains

When fraud is detected in a campaign, minimize your growth risk by setting up fraud rules in real time.


“As we continue to test and look for new CPI deals to grow our user acquisition, the TMC fraud reports and tools are going to be crucial for us in being quick to execute on app-install campaigns, while being confident we’re not wasting money on fraudulent traffic.”


Alfred Mai
Senior Marketing Manager


Reduce data management risks

TUNE has achieved SOC 2 Type II accreditation to follow through on our commitment to developing the marketing industry’s most trustworthy and transparent solution. TUNE’s US-EU data transfer practices are certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

Attribution Analytics has been certified under German and EU privacy law under the ePrivacy standard.


Certified TRUSTe Privacy Resolution Certified under German and EU privacy laws under ePrivacy standard Certified under US-EU Privacy Shield Framework for data transfer practices DAA Standard

Attribution Analytics key features

  • Quick campaign setup with simplified postbacks and easy measurement URL creation
  • Multi-touch attribution for assists, non-windowed contributions with view-through and click-through attributions
  • Real-time campaign reporting on actuals, cohorts, re-engagement, and retention
  • ROAS dashboard (updated hourly)
  • Fraud detection and prevention
  • Full control over user access with roles and permissions, plus independent login for agencies and partners
  • Reporting API with access to raw data: APIs, postbacks, log exports, customized data pulls
  • Server-side API available for integration (compliant with data security and privacy practices)
  • 24/7 technical support via email, phone, online chat, callback service, and in-platform help

Find the best advertising partners


Search the Mobile Advertising Index for 1,000+ ad networks and publishers. Filter by 20 custom criteria including platform type, ad format, pricing, and geolocation. (It’s completely free.)


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App StoreAnalytics In-AppMarketing Attribution Analytics 10XROI 1.5XLift SEE MORE SEE MORE Acquisition Engagement TUNE Marketing Console
Asset 1BTApp StoreAnalyticsIn-AppMarketingAttribution AnalyticsAcquisition1.5X LiftTUNE Marketing ConsoleEngagement10X ROI

Our difference

A complete solution

One complete solution for your entire mobile marketing and measurement

Streamline your mobile marketing and measurement.


Unified marketing measurement around people, not just devices and channels

Unify device, channel, and location data around people.

One source of truth

Data you can trust to act confidently

Act with confidence in your data security and privacy.

Infinite relationships

Mobile measurement connected with all of your partners through one integration

Connect to all of your partners with one integration.