Attribution Analytics

One campaign measurement solution for mobile and desktop

Accurately attribute impressions, ad clicks, app installs, and in-app events to evaluate campaign performance for each of your media partners.

Attribution Analytics

  • Evaluate campaign performance for thousands of ad and tech partners through one SDK
  • Simplify campaign setup using the industry’s most reliable and scalable pre-populated templates
  • Determine ad partner value across the entire conversion journey with multi-touch attribution
  • Drive higher conversion using deep link measurement
  • Make informed decisions about ROI with the most granular event, cohort, and retention reporting in the industry
  • Detect fraudulent activity for all traffic down to the sub-campaign and sub-publisher level
  • Automate audience segmentation exports for re-targeting campaigns
  • Know your return on ad spend across your ad partners with Multiverse

What’s inside

Measure mobile app, mobile web, and desktop web

Measure mobile app, mobile web, and desktop web

  • Device identifier or fingerprinting for mobile app attribution
  • Cookie based measurement with third party pixel support for mobile web attribution
  • Support for Universal Links, deep links and deep link measurement
  • Send people to the correct environment (web or app) or app store with a single ad tag
Industry-leading advanced functionality

Industry-leading advanced functionality

  • Advanced deep linking and deep link measurement capabilities
  • Full support for desktop, mobile web, and Apple TV measurement
  • Unlimited impression, click, and event measurement
  • See entire history of any cohort with unlimited cohort time periods
  • Save and schedule reports, and customize lookback windows and timezones
  • Support for universal links, deep links, and deep link measurement
  • Send people to the correct environment (web or app) or app store with a single ad tag
  • Robust API and real-time postbacks for immediate data ingestion
  • Complete access to device IDs; own the data you collect


Why do you need attribution analytics?

Attribution provides a level of understanding of what combination of events influence individuals to engage in a desired behavior, typically referred to as a conversion. In mobile marketing, attribution shows you which of your ad partners caused specific user events — like ad clicks and installs — and the behavior of these users, so you can make smarter decisions about how to spend your marketing budget. So if you want to make more informed and strategic investments, you need the insights provided by attribution analytics.