Dial down risk

Prevent Advertising Fraud. Control and Safeguard Data. Scale With Global Reliability.

Manage Risk

Whether marketing your own app or driving traffic for others, you need to be prepared for the risks inherent in growth marketing. Smart growth does not mean growing at all costs, but having a true understanding of the partners you work with, the data you handle, and the emerging threats on the horizon.

Prevent Advertising Fraud

Protect your brand, your relationships, and your budget with intuitive tools and industry-leading granularity. TUNE Marketing Console customers and their advertising partners, including HasOffers customers, can connect seamlessly via APIs, providing marketers and ad networks with true transparency and easy data sharing for more effective fraud prevention.

Own and Control Your Data

As an unbiased system of record, we give performance marketers the freedom to own their data and the safeguards to use it the way they want to. In addition to standard certifications and compliance, TUNE has achieved SOC 2 Type II accreditation to follow through on our commitment to developing the performance marketing industry’s most trustworthy and transparent solutions.

SOC 2 Badge TrustE Badge ePrivacy Seal Privacy Sheild DAA Standard

TUNE is proud to be a neutral, unbiased third-party source of truth for the entire performance marketing ecosystem.

Grow Reliably, Without Constraints

Feel confident to build your business on technology that grows with you. Our world-class systems and infrastructures are designed to handle success at scale.

Get a closer look at how TUNE can minimize risks as you grow.

Our Difference

A complete solution

One complete solution for your entire mobile marketing and measurement

Streamline your mobile marketing and measurement.


Unified marketing measurement around people, not just devices and channels

Unify device, channel, and location data around people.

One source of truth

Data you can trust to act confidently

Act with confidence in your data security and privacy.

Infinite relationships

Mobile measurement connected with all of your partners through one integration

Connect to all of your partners with one integration.