Marketing Intelligence

Advanced analytics to power your marketing ROI

Bring your TUNE data to life with Marketing Intelligence. Marketing Intelligence provides marketers with visual insights into the entire mobile user lifecycle. Our analysis and data visualizations go beyond high level summary reports and keep your team from digging through spreadsheets for insights. Your Attribution Analytics data is warehoused, cleansed for analysis, and visualized in over 100+ different interactive dashboards. Set-up, configuration, and deployment is completely handled by TUNE. All you need to do is login and begin making decisions based on your data.

Business Intelligence

  • Fully managed data flow turns your raw Attribution Analytics data into clean, structured data that is ready for analysis. No more preparing and organizing data in spreadsheets every time you want to ask a question of your data
  • 100+ dashboards provide detailed insights into all the data generated by your app and collected via the TUNE SDK: Executive summaries, traffic quality, user acquisition, user retention, engagement, re-engagement, and lifetime value
  • Access curated data sources in the Marketing Intelligence sandbox where you can drag and drop your data to build your own visualizations
  • Traffic quality dashboards allow you to quickly assess which partners are driving high quality users, and which partners may be charging you for low-quality or non-human installs
  • Multitouch attribution reports help you understand overlap and impact across your partners’ networks
  • Leverage TUNE’s collective mobile analytics best practices to stay on top of the KPIs that matter most to mobile marketers
  • Greater return on investment, lower total cost of ownership, up to 7X less expensive than building or hiring your own business intelligence platform and team
TUNE Business Intelligence

What’s inside

Deep insights so you can work smarter

Deep insights so you can work smarter

  • 5 user accounts providing access to your dashboards in your own secure, web-based environment
  • 100+ reports that covers all angles of your Attribution Analytics data including: region/geographic, device type, partner, campaign and sub-campaign, purchase and re-engagement cohorts, active VS churned users, revenue, events, partners, paid VS organic users etc.
  • Regular product updates include dashboard updates, new modules, and new metrics that reflect current trends in mobile analytics
  • Multiple onboarding sessions with a Marketing Intelligence product expert to train your team on how to get the most out of the technology

We have been working closely with the TUNE Marketing Intelligence team to create custom reports that help to supplement and consolidate our internal tracking systems. Marketing Intelligence allows up to easily discover new business insights and optimize campaigns, and the Marketing Intelligence team’s flexibility and willingness to dig in has saved us valuable time and resources.”

Diana Kim
Marketing Manager, User Acquistion


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