TUNE House

Building a future for women in tech

Seattle is fortunate to be home to so much incredible technical talent, but too often and for a variety of reasons, women abandon technical careers or don’t pursue them in the first place. As part of the tech community, we have an opportunity and arguably a responsibility to help correct that. We want to support and develop exceptional future technical leaders, which is why we created TUNE House and remain proud sponsors of this innovative approach to addressing the gender disparity challenge in the technology industry.

About the TUNE House

The TUNE House is a scholarship program that provides free housing, paid utilities, laptops, weekly grocery delivery, access to professional mentors, and networking opportunities for 8 female undergraduate students pursuing (or aspiring to pursue) degrees in computer science and computer engineering at the University of Washington.

Ready to start an adventure?

You can apply to join the women of TUNE House, and be on your way to a fascinating career in technology with all the support you need to be successful.

The problem we’re trying to solve

Careers in science, technology, engineering and math offer some of the nation’s highest-paying, most in-demand careers. But women represent less than one-third of this workforce. This is a complex socio-economic problem that starts early in education, and is compounded by years of girls lacking vital support, resources, role models, and even basic exposure to technical careers. TUNE wanted to tackle this problem in a direct and meaningful way. That meant not just donating funds for education, but rather giving truly comprehensive support for female undergraduate students.

Get involved

Interested in applying or want to get involved? In addition to looking for the brightest future women in tech, we’re also looking for top-notch speakers, mentors, and volunteers to make a difference in the lives of our scholarship recipients. Contact us to learn more.

TTUNE House represents an ambitious and innovative way that small companies can make big changes in the world. While we’re making a significant impact in the lives of the eight scholars that live at TUNE House—and that’s a big deal—we’re also communicating to our employees that they’re part of a really special team that is building something meaningful. We’re making a statement to the startup tech ecosystem that you don’t need to be a large public company to start giving back. And we’re paying forward our gratitude for the support that TUNE received when our leaders were young entrepreneurs. TUNE House is laying the foundation for a bigger vision of TUNE’s industry leadership and community impact.

Ben Golden
Director of Legal Affairs

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