We are Tune

The name TUNE describes what we help marketers do.

We are passionate people on a mission to make mobile marketing better, for everyone. We are helpful, creative, diligent, and forward thinking. We’ve stepped up to the challenges of building products with massive scale while stretching ourselves to push forward on innovation. We’re a little insane and extremely fun loving, and we will stop at nothing to solve problems for marketers.

Where’d We Come From?

The Founder’s Story

In 2009, 23-year-old twin brothers, Lucas and Lee Brown, decided to move in a new direction. Recent graduates of Babson College and already successful veterans of performance marketing, they realized great technology to support the industry was in low supply...

Co-Founders Lucas & Lee Brown with CEO Peter Hamilton Co-Founders Lucas & Lee Brown with CEO Peter Hamilton

So they decided to launch their first product, HasOffers, as a software as a service for marketers to manage and scale their own publisher relationships. They continued to bootstrap without any outside investors until 2013, when they had reached 70 employees. From day one, they put in countless hours of building and programming, setting the tone for the drive and passion you will find in every TUNE employee today. They maintain extremely active roles--Lucas as Chief Product Officer, and Lee as Chief Technology Officer. Residing in Seattle, WA, on the weekends you’ll find them wakesurfing, or teaching others at TUNE how to get up on a board.

The CEO's Story

Originally from west Texas, Peter joined TUNE in 2009 as Head of Marketing, where he established the company’s go-to-market product marketing strategies. Prior to TUNE, Peter spent 5 years both inside an agency and as a marketing consultant, becoming an expert in online marketing, from SEO to PPC to media buying. TUNE gave him the opportunity to market a SaaS product for marketers and help build a team to meet the needs of the company’s fast success. In 2012, Peter became Partner, CEO and board member to help Lucas and Lee carve out the future for this fledgling Seattle startup. Peter lead TUNE to their first round of funding with Accel Partners in 2013 and has helped to scale the organization to over 200 people across 7 locations. He continues to make a point to meet with every new TUNE employee and hear about their ideas and passion for joining the team. When he’s got a little spare time, he loves entertaining friends in his downtown Seattle apartment, going to movie theaters alone or tinkering on the piano.


Our History

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    • TUNE is born

      HasOffers officially rebrands as TUNE at the company’s second annual Postback conference.

      July 2014

    • We <3 NYC

      We open our 6th worldwide office in the Big Apple, right in the heart of Soho.

      May 2014

    • Seoul, South Korea

      Our fifth global office, and first office in Asia, is opened by Bryan Kim.

      April 2014

    • MobileAppTracking Wins "Best Analytics"

      at Winter Nights Mobile Gaming Conference

      February 2014

    • London, England

      The company breaks ground in England as a European hub for MobileAppTracking.

      November 2013

    • Inc500 names HasOffers

      as the 63rd fastest-growing private company in America

      September 2013

    • HasOffers raises $9.4M

      Accel Partners leads the company's first funding round, and Rich Wong joins the board.

      May 2013

    • Peter Hamilton appointed CEO

      by Co-Founders and Partners, Lucas and Lee Brown

      September 2012

    • Chef Chris Blanco Joins the Team

      HasOffers hires a full-time chef, specializing in organic health conscious meals.

      July 2012

    • San Francisco, CA

      Micah Gantman and Lucas Brown move to San Francisco to launch the company's presence in the Bay Area.

      May 2012

    • Tel-Aviv, Israel

      The first International office opens in beautiful Tel Aviv, lead by Aryeh Altshul.

      May 2012

    • MobileAppTracking Launches

      HasOffers officially launches its second product which quickly becomes the leader in attribution analytics.

      May 2011

    • Move to the Cloud!

      HasOffers becomes the first performance marketing platform on the Cloud with AWS.

      May 2011

    • HasOffers Reaches Profitability

      The HasOffers product breaks even with the first $144k Gross Profit.

      May 2011

    • HasOffers software released

      Lucas and Lee Brown launch their first tracking SAAS product with a small team of 12.

      May 2009

    • Twins Launch a Bootstrap Company

      Lucas and Lee Brown found HasOffers using their own money to start the company.

      February 2009

Our Team

The TUNE Team The TUNE Team

We’ve assembled an amazing team here at TUNE. We’re a diverse group of mobile veterans, seasoned executives, dj’s, cyclists, cross-fitters, sailors, triathletes, snowboarders, skiers, and more. The one thing that brings us all together is a passion for solving big problems, moving the mobile marketing industry forward, and helping those around us succeed.

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