A Mobile Earthquake: Parse Announces Shut-down

Last week, the mobile community felt tremors from an unexpected earthquake. Parse, a mobile back-end as a service (MBaaS) company, announced that effective January 28, 2017, the service used by more than 60,000 developers and 500,000 apps would permanently shut down. Panic ensued. A sampling of comments in reaction to this news: “This literally just … Continued

SEO and ASO are merging: what mobile marketers need to do to stay relevant

Google’s enabling app discovery via mobile search. Apple’s indexing apps for valuable content and functionality. And Google is testing streaming apps like movies, enabling use without downloads. What’s happening? Clearly, we’re approaching an inflection point in the convergence of apps and web. And clearly, that’s going to have massive ramifications for app marketers, developers, and publishers. “At … Continued

App developers and advertisers: If you’re not using deferred deep linking, you’re not keeping up

Top app marketers are spending multiple millions per month to acquire new users. Even smaller companies are often shelling out $30,000 to $40,000 every month to feed their growth engines. Quality of traffic and revenue are top of mind for all app developers. The problem advertisers and app developers face: keeping the path to download … Continued

Now you can measure Google Search for apps

If you’re paying attention, you read last week that Google is making it easier to find apps directly through Google Search. Consumers have been complaining forever that the search function in Google Play wasn’t strong enough, and marketers have had a hard time using Google Play as a resource for getting discovered. So it’s only … Continued

Sorry, there are no sponsor opportunities 🙅 for Postback. We have a better way to get involved.

An important part of the experience when attending Postback is meeting and connecting with the insiders of the mobile community. We know that marketers hate attending conferences where there are too many vendors trying to sell and it’s a rare occasion to run into another marketer. We hate that also. For Postback, we don’t have a … Continued

Announcing our first Postback keynote speaker – Ray Kurzweil

Postback registration is now open and we have our first big secret to reveal. We are excited to have one of the world’s leading inventor, thinker, and futurist Ray Kurzweil hit the stage as our first keynote speaker for Postback. Ray, in an onstage interview with TUNE’s CEO Peter Hamilton, will share his latest thoughts on where we … Continued

They Just Aren’t That into You(r App)

There aren’t many things in mobile app development that are more intimidating than watching your hard-earned users leave your app. It’s like a first date that went bad. You tried so hard to make a good first impression. You waited for the exact match. And here you are, sitting all alone asking yourself what went … Continued

The Facebook Messenger platform is growing

Remember Draw Something? At its peak back in 2012, Draw Something had over 20 million downloads just in its first five weeks on the app store. Now it’s back … sort of. On January 10th, 2016 Zynga released a new app for Facebook’s Messenger app, Draw Something. To play the game, you still need to download a separate app, … Continued