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Your Partners, Your Choices

At TUNE, we believe you should control your partnerships.

The TUNE platform is designed to give you the tools and freedom to succeed. Gain control over your direct partners, access top affiliates through the TUNE Network, find agencies to help you scale, and implement technology providers to help you optimize. You choose who to work with and how to run your program.

Don’t settle for the status quo. Partner the way you want to with TUNE.


Partner through TUNE

Unlike traditional affiliate networks that force you to work within their established tracking, commissioning, and partner structures, TUNE’s platform is white label-ready and powerfully customizable. We give you the freedom to choose the way you track your campaigns, pay your partners, and scale your business, all at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

With TUNE, you can access the largest and most valuable affiliates in the world through the TUNE Network, without ever leaving the platform. You can run a private program, protecting your strategic partnerships and their exclusivity. Or you can do both, and enjoy the best of both worlds.


Media Partners

Agency Partners


Agency Partners

Because TUNE is truly a pure SaaS platform, we have a natural partnership with agencies. Our agency partners know their clients receive the best technology in the industry, along with award-winning technical support. TUNE agency partners never have to worry about us encroaching on their business.

Agencies provide a wide array of services for brands. In general, agencies help execute three key phases of a brand’s partner program: developing program strategy, managing the program, and optimizing program performance.



Technology Partners

TUNE Technology Partners provide best-in-class integrated solutions to ensure the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform can meet your unique needs. Our Technology Partners enhance the value of your partnerships and program by providing a variety of tools and insights that you can leverage to customize your business, your way.


Technology Partners

Tech That Ties Us Together


Partner Discovery Tools

Finding the right partnerships for your brand is not a one-time activity. It is an ongoing process that should be built into a daily routine, as it is the lifeblood of every business that relies on partner marketing. Too often, this seemingly simple task becomes the biggest challenge for new programs.

TUNE offers a variety of tools that simplify and streamline the partner discovery process. These include our integrated, in-platform partner listings and research and recruitment tools to help you find the perfect partner for your needs.

Partner Discovery Tools

Partners Connecting Dots


Connecting the Dots Across Mobile and Web

Nothing sours a partnership more than lack of proper credit. As a brand, consider the importance of the technology that brings the customer journey together. For over 10 years, TUNE has been providing this technology to customers in the most versatile, accurate, and granular tracking solutions available, designed to outlast the challenges presented by cookies, privacy, and third-party tracking.

Our solutions include postback tracking, a server-side tracking method that we developed and built into the TUNE platform, cookieless tracking, and clickless tracking. We also partner with the world’s best mobile measurement partners (MMPs) to provide tracking throughout the mobile ecosystem. MMPs specialize in tracking outcomes, such as installs, in-app events, and engagement actions, from the consumer click to the app store and in apps. TUNE has integrations with every major MMP, so our customers can take advantage of superior mobile measurement with no additional SDK.

When your program is backed by the best tracking solution in the industry, everybody wins: your customers, your partners, and your business.

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