AffiliTest is a CPI tracking link vertification system to help advertisers and publishers check links to avoid sending traffic to a broken links.

Save time and money searching for affiliates. Boost your sales by inviting relevant affiliates.

Axonite enables marketers to support any functionality and partnership, transcend the ever-evolving omni-channel digital environment.

Billoid enables you to easily manage your cash flow, automate your billing and invoicing, while being fully compliant with any tax legislation worldwide.

Automate and manage paying of your affiliates and publishers anywhere in the world, directly from within the TUNE platform.

Attract and retain publishers with a best-in-class, white-labeled payments experience. Automate your entire global publisher payments workflow. Five-star reviews.

Invoca provides complete call intelligence. Drive, track, and automate inbound calls for better leads, greater marketing insight, and more customers. is an online solution to create interactive banner ads. It is also a rich media and video ad server.

Forensiq is an award-winning fraud detection platform offering a series of industry leading solutions to fight impression, click, and conversion fraud.

Protect your ad dollars with InMobi’s enterprise grade fraud prevention platform. Deterministic fraud detection technology reduces ad spend waste and deliver better ROI.

TrafficGuard mitigates ad fraud before it hits your advertising budget with detection across impressions, clicks and conversions. Protect your ad spend and maximise ROAS.

FraudShield is an Affiliate Fraud Detection Platform that is based on machine learning algorithms. It provides transparent rejection reasons for every single conversion.

Automate lead buying and distribution to advertiser's CRM and Call Center platforms. Full lead transparency integrated with TUNE for lead attribution.

A real-time integration hub used to build sophisticated lead flows that allow you to capture, enhance, filter, and deliver leads to any combination of systems.

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