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Why TUNE Values Agencies

Agencies play an invaluable role in partner marketing. They make life easier for advertisers and can unlock the full potential of a program. 

TUNE has a natural partnership with agencies. Our agency partners know their customers will receive the best technology in the industry, along with the highest rated technical support available. And because we are a pure SaaS provider, our agency partners never have to worry about TUNE encroaching on their business.


How Agencies Help Advertisers

Agencies provide a wide array of services, and some specialize in certain verticals or program types. In general, an agency helps an advertiser execute three key phases of a program: developing program strategy, operationalizing the program, and optimizing the program.

The best agencies drive incremental value through tailored support in these phases.

Agencies Help Advertisers

Number One Strategize

Agency works with you to establish a strategy that addresses:

  • Program Goals
  • Partner Portfolio
  • Payout Structures
  • Marketing Policies

Number Two Operationalize

Agencies are proficient in the operations of a program, including:

  • Partner Recruitment
  • Partner Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Offer Management
  • Payment

Number Three Optimize

Agencies fine-tune a program over time through:

  • Analysis
  • Ongoing Calibration

TUNE Benefits

Agency Services

How TUNE Benefits Agencies

Our goal with all of our Agency Partners is simple, to ensure they have the best possible experience while working on the TUNE platform.

As an Agency Partner, you can expect a white-gloved experience where you will feel valued. Regardless of who your clients are, you will be treated as a high value enterprise partner.

Benefits of being an Agency Partner:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Premier Level Technical Support
  • Executive Level Relationship
  • Direct Channel to TUNE's Product Team
  • Early Access to New Product Releases
  • Co-Marketing Opportunities
  • Mutual Referral Pipeline
  • Special Agency Rates

Top Agencies Trust TUNE

Join the ranks among the top agencies who utilize TUNE for their marketing strategies, operations, and optimizations.
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