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Dial it in

Fine-tune your growth marketing with the most comprehensive solution for mobile customer acquisition and engagement.

Increase mobile marketing results


Create seamless experiences with a unified view of the customer journey

We believe all marketing should be people-centric. Channels and devices are vital to the journey but only make up part of the picture.

Dial Up Growth

Maximize the performance of your marketing through measurement

Dial Down Risk

Minimize your risk with fraud prevention, data protection, and system reliability

“TUNE is just such a great partner. Understanding the behavior of my organic users versus my paid users is very helpful, especially for understanding how I can prioritize, be it app store optimization or more paid acquisition.”

Gwen Murray
Mobile Marketing Lead

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The foundation for smart, sustainable growth

App Store Analytics

Boost organic discovery

Maximize the return on investment for your acquisition strategy by improving your app store presence.

Attribution Analytics

Optimize ad spend

Find the highest quality customers at the lowest acquisition costs with actionable ad partner insights.

In-App Marketing

Engage with customers

Increase your customer lifetime value by keeping customers engaged with relevant messaging and personalized experiences.

Fraud Prevention Solution

Protect your budget and brand by detecting, removing, and preventing mobile ad fraud. Align with your ad partners to fight fraud together.

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“The TUNE Marketing Console’s fraud reports and tools are going to be crucial for us to execute campaigns while being confident we’re not wasting money on fraudulent traffic.”

Alfred Mai
Senior Marketing Manager


Proud to be the industry’s trusted source of truth

Own your data on one
unbiased system of record

Mobile marketing system of record

We give marketers the freedom to own their own data and use it the way they want to.

Be a steward for customer privacy and policy

Customer data protection and privacy

We safeguard the data of our customers and the privacy of their customers.

Scale with confidence, backed by world-class reliability

Scaleable and reliable mobile marketing solution

We build on best-in-class systems and infrastructures designed to handle success at scale.

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