Mobile Minute: Mobile Ad Fraud, Traffic Quality, & Awkward Conversations

Awkward conversations can run the gamut of “it’s not you, it’s me” at the close of a relationship to “actually, that’s my kid” in the McDonald’s play space. One that can be particularly tough for marketers, however, is an upfront discussion on fraud and traffic quality with their advertising partners. However, that conversation is absolutely necessary. … Continued

Conquer the Top 10 Most Common Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Mobile marketing is a brave new world, requiring the fearless marketer to understand a complex web of information technology, psychology and behavior, globalization, and other dynamics — all while avoiding traps, navigating the unknown and outmaneuvering competitors. That’s a tough challenge, which leaves a lot of room for error, from rookie mistakes to master fails. … Continued

The Actuals Report: What You Need to Know

Mobile marketers are more data-driven than ever before. Data is critical to understanding where customers are coming from, who they are, and how you can crush your performance goals. But have you mastered the three basic reports every marketer should know, love, and leverage? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be diving into these three … Continued

Reach the Right People with New Audiences Feature

Relevance is critical to effective marketing; deliver an ad to a non-prospect and you’ve wasted an impression or upset an already engaged user. TUNE’s Audiences, running as a beta feature until now, allows marketers to create tailored segments of their app’s users that can be used for re-targeting, re-marketing, and re-engagement. Once created, segments can … Continued

Measuring Uninstall Tracking: 4 Methods for Marketers

As part of your mobile user retention strategy, you’re likely testing campaigns to re-engage the valuable users you’ve invested in, and also trying to figure out how to measure how that relates to the users who are uninstalling your app. Especially when you’re aware of statistics pointing out that 13% of users delete an app … Continued

What if the App Store Decided the 2016 Election?

Whatever your political leaning, you definitely can’t say the 2016 presidential election season has been boring. It has been unconventional to say the least, with unexpected candidates rising to the forefront among both parties. It is anyone’s game at this point; no one can really predict how this is going to play out. And that … Continued