TUNE Cares

In addition to making amazing products that enable performance marketers to dial-in marketing efforts, we’re also committed to serving the communities in which we live and work. We demonstrate our commitment to community through the TUNE Cares program.

Our commitment to community

We care for communities where TUNE offices are located through volunteer service, donations and fundraising, and conscious consumption in our offices. Some of our community activities include:

  • Participating in community clean-ups and habitat restoration.
  • Spreading goodwill during November to Remember, a dedicated month of giving back to our communities around the globe based on themed weeks chosen by employees.
  • Coming together to support Pride, protect our earth, and give back to communities during November to Remember, a month long of giving.
  • Creating eco-friendly kitchens through use of compostable dishes and silverware; selection of local, organic produce and sustainable, grass-fed meats; and use of recycling and composting bins.
  • Collaboration with community organizations, like the Pike Place Market Foundation, Plymouth Housing Group, Seattle Pride, and others on community events, fundraising, and volunteering opportunities.
  • Donating our time and food to support hungry, homeless, and other needy populations.
  • Fundraising for a variety of charitable organizations and causes close to our hearts.
  • Reducing our ecological footprint during Earth Week, a week long initiative with daily themes focusing on educating employees to limit th the amount of plastic waste, bringing attention to endangered species.

Our commitment to industry


We’re seriously passionate about evolving the tech industry, with particular emphasis on diversity, women in technology, and data security and privacy. With innovative thinking to solve complex challenges, we’ve achieved:

  • Sponsoring the TUNE House, a University of Washington scholarship program that includes free housing, professional mentors and additional resources to support the studies of selected female students who are likely to pursue a career in computer science and information technology.
  • TUNE Women creates a network for employees who are committed to supporting women internally and in the tech industry. The program strives to improve TUNE’s ability to develop, retain, and advance women within our organization — and beyond.
  • Partnering with local organizations, such as IGNITE Worldwide and ChickTech to encourage the educational advancement of young women in tech.
  • Hosting tours and educational events for local students, as well as visiting middle and high schools through the TUNE House Roadshow.
  • Engaging in and hosting hackathons and Code Day to spark and support innovative thinking and application.

Our commitment to leadership

Those who dare to make a difference and demonstrate what’s possible are those who have the ability to empower others. That’s why we take care to develop our people into great leaders. Here’s how:

  • Civic Engagement Speaker Series, to build awareness of local issues and access to change agents.
  • Scholarships and meaningful learning opportunities through TUNE House and the 100K Strong in Americas Sponsorship.
  • Encouraging employees to serve on nonprofit and government boards, including the Washington Technology Industry Association, the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, and Columbia Legal Services.
  • Organizing and hosting tech talks, meetups and other industry events.
  • Educating ourselves and each other through hosting live, local training events and providing thought leadership and expertise through published research and a stellar webinar program.
  • Extending employees and performance marketing professionals the opportunity to become certified experts through the TUNE Qualification Program.
  • Hosting regular technical community meetups and events.