Performance Marketing 101

Performance marketing is quickly becoming a key component to building a successful digital marketing program, but what does it mean and how does it work? You may find yourself asking these questions if you’re contemplating integrating performance marketing into your business. To make it as easy as possible, we broke it down to the basics. … Continued

3 Major Types of Mobile Analytics

At the heart of mobile analytics is the desire to identify meaningful patterns in data. However, pinning down a precise definition for the term “mobile analytics” can be challenging. Part of this difficulty is appropriately attributed to the fact that “mobile analytics” is used by various organizations to describe different types of data discovery that … Continued

5 Ways To Detect Fraudulent Activity In Your Network

HasOffers provides many tools to prevent your network from affiliate fraud, whether it be our own fraud reporting, monitoring, or settings that prevent conversion tracking to be manipulated by affiliates. Fraud score (profile based) – customize your own fraud criteria to approve new affiliates and monitor affiliate profile fraud. Give weight to the fraud criteria your network … Continued

Google’s Content Experiments + HasOffers Goals = Conversion Optimization on Steroids

Technology has simplified so much of our lives these days… Especially our businesses. We are truly living in the “golden age” of technological entrepreneurship. The amount of free and competitively priced technology available to today’s businesses is insurmountable, meaning that the sky is the limit! Equally significant is the amount of “untapped” technology within feature … Continued

9 Best Practices For Affiliate Networks

There are plenty of factors that set great affiliate networks apart from the rest of the pack. Some of them are obvious. You need to have great offers (preferably exclusive), competitive payouts, and excellent support from your affiliate managers. But beyond that, there are some simple things to keep in mind that can make the … Continued

How To Succeed As An Indie Developer

Making it as an indie developer is no walk in the park. There are over one million apps in the Apple app store alone and you are competing against huge enterprises with an already established user base along with agencies with practically unlimited resources. It’s a grim outlook. Thankfully indie developers aren’t deterred by a … Continued