With the TUNE Marketing Console and HasOffers


TUNE empowers marketers and advertising networks to optimize their business performance by tightly connecting marketing investments to measurable outcomes.

Armed with comprehensive insights captured across the customer journey, our customers are able to focus their efforts on driving ROI and growing in a smarter way. With TUNE, companies of all sizes can unify the fragmented advertising ecosystem, reveal valuable insights, eliminate fraud, and increase customer loyalty.


Marketers and Ad Networks Trust TUNE


Most Complete Solution

Streamline your performance marketing and measurement.

We believe that all marketing should be measurable across every app and ad, from initial impression to final outcome. This unparalleled insight into customer journeys helps marketers and their advertising partners deliver more consistent, strategic experiences at global scale.

Measure and attribute all of your mobile marketing with one solution


Unify your marketing around people.

TUNE is the only performance marketing solution that was built from the ground up to consolidate fragmented customer data into cohesive insights.

Our products help translate your customers' complex behavior into actionable information, empowering marketers and ad networks to optimize their activities with insights that span the entire customer journey.

One Source of Truth

Act with confidence in your data.

We believe that all measurement should be precise, reliable, and unbiased. As your system of record, TUNE provides a comprehensive view of your marketing performance.

Unlike most performance marketing systems, which depend on disparate sources of data to stitch together a full picture, TUNE collects, normalizes, and unifies all data in one place. We also honor global privacy laws and requirements, ensuring that we maintain high standards in safeguarding the data of TUNE customers and their end users.

One secure, trusted system of record for all of your mobile marketing analytics

Infinite Relationships

Connect with all of your partners with one integration.

With the TUNE Marketing Console, marketers have visibility into all of their partner-driven actions in one platform, providing a clear understanding of where to invest their next dollar.

Advertising partners that use HasOffers can seamlessly connect with TUNE Marketing Console marketers via our APIs, enabling both sides of the ecosystem to access the data they need for valuable insights.

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