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The TUNE platform supports a wide variety of partners, including content publishers, influencer platforms, loyalty and coupon sites, media buyers, performance display and cart abandonment partners, mobile apps, and networks. Who you work with and what kind of program you run is up to you.

Run a private niche program with your 15 favorite influencers. Scale an e-commerce program with the largest content publishers in the world. Get your app in front of new audiences with mobile performance networks.

With TUNE, you can take control of your direct partnerships and access top affiliates in the TUNE Network — that’s the freedom to truly partner the way you want to.


Access Top Affiliate Partners

Along with support for private partner programs, the TUNE platform supports partners that require the relationship to live within a network ecosystem. This includes a marketplace for our customers and affiliate partners to engage and apply for mutual partnerships, consolidate reporting, and aggregate commission payments.

The TUNE Network supports the largest and most valuable affiliates in the world, including top content publishers, coupon websites, loyalty partners, influencers, and networks. You can access these premium affiliates without ever leaving the platform.

The most successful partner programs work with a variety of partners to minimize risks and maximize profit. With TUNE, you can do the same. Bring on niche influencers, run deals with coupon partners, and scale with one or several affiliate networks — you have the freedom to choose.

Strategic Partnerships

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Own Your Direct Partnerships

When you work directly with partners on the TUNE platform, you own those relationships. Whether it’s 10 influencers or 10,000 affiliates, we do not restrict the type or number of partners in your program, or leverage your exclusive partnerships for profit.

TUNE does not charge a hefty network fee for direct partners.

We understand that you've worked hard to build and nurture exclusive, unique partnerships. With the TUNE platform, you can keep them that way.

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