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TUNE® Marketing Console

Your mission control for mobile.


The only unified
mobile marketing console

Bring your paid, organic, and owned
marketing channels together in one place.

Drive results with actionable data

Measure each marketing channel, end-to-end, and immediately determine which partners and channels provide the highest value users.

  • Know which channels drive the highest value users
  • Dive deep into your app store ratings and reviews
  • Compare your app store ranking with your top competitors
  • Measure the performance of all your channels, side by side
  • Dive in Now

Fast and beautiful reporting

Visualize the data that matters – view the performance of all your marketing channels right from the dashboard.

Keyword Ranking Screen Total Installs Screen Revenue Screen Install Trend Screen Keyword Ranking Screen
  • The most granular multi-touch attribution analysis
  • Know your ad spend return - in real time
  • Detailed audience segmentation
  • Cohort visualization
  • Customizable reports
  • Visualize Returns

Simple setup and management

Easily set up campaigns for advertising platforms and partners. Ongoing management is simple so you can focus on growth.

  • Simplest setup of measurement tags
  • Access over 700 advertising partners
  • Create deeplinks and improve UX
  • Easy postbacks to send data to your partners
  • View every data log
  • Measure every conversion event type
  • Start Simplifying
“As a data-minded marketer, accurate attribution is key to helping me understand the true value of a marketing channel. Being a part of the beta program with TUNE and Twitter has allowed me to test and measure Twitter as a user acquisition channel for TwoDots by seeing multi-touch analytics in TUNE.”

Christian Calderon, Head of User Acquisition, Dots Christian Calderon Head of Marketing

Results-driven marketers choose TUNE

Actionable Insights

A truly data-you-own dashboard displays the most comprehensive one-stop view of mobile marketing performance. It’s the fastest, most inviting way to intuitively see everything you need to know about attribution, acquisition, and engagement for more confident decisions and best results.

Easier Day-to-Day

TUNE handles the complexity of mobile marketing analytics so you don’t have to. Easy onboarding, setup, management of campaigns, data access, and the most flexible reporting, postbacks, customization you’ll ever need. Not to mention, an always responsive and excellent support team with the most global local presence.

A Trusted Partner

For insights to be actionable, they have to be rock-solid and trustworthy. Beyond product and technology, it means best practice expertise from an industry leader with well-known customers and a history of stepping out front on data privacy and transparency. And it means unrivaled passion for empowering your success in every mobile marketing minute.

Data you can trust
Data that you own

With TUNE products, your data always belongs to you. We do not leverage your data for unauthorized purposes, take a cut of your ad spend or revenue, or share your data without permission.

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