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Introducing Cross-Promo

Put your owned assets to work.

Acquire new users

Re-engage existing users

Do both at no cost

New users. More revenue. No waste.

Cross-Promo, a solution available through the Tune® Marketing Console (TMC), ensures marketers with multiple apps make the most of their owned ad inventory.

Sometimes your priority will be monetizing your in-app ad inventory through demand sources. Other times you’ll focus on growing and re-engaging your user base. With Cross-Promo, app marketers have a better tool to maximize inventory value.

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The perks of Cross-Promo

Seamless integration with the TMC means setup is fast and simple. In fact, it will probably take you longer to read this page than to build your first cross-promotion campaign!

TMC Cross-Promo Report
  • Easily promote new apps to your existing users—at no cost
  • Increase LTV by re-engaging current users—at no cost
  • Reduce waste of your owned ad inventory
  • Efficiently create and manage multiple creatives and campaigns
  • View performance of all campaigns in a single dashboard

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