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10 reasons to #Work4TUNE

Becky Doles

As we make our way through 2018 and the last 9 years of TUNE, it’s also a time to reflect on changes in your life, whether it be starting a family, lifestyle changes, career development, or how specific people made an significant impact. At TUNE, we want our employees to know, regardless of the changes presented in life, we will be there along the way supporting you from the top-down.

We want our employees to know that their job is not just a job, but a place where they also have career growth, community involvement, and can share their passions outside of work with fellow employees. An engineer at TUNE asserted that the ideal career should have a balance of three things:

  • Personal outcomes — Are you challenging yourself? Do you get to live somewhere you love?
  • Process — Do you enjoy your day-to-day tasks and schedule?
  • Purpose — Do you feel like you are doing something important? Are you driven by what you do?

After hearing this, we wanted to investigate and find ten reasons why TUNErs enjoy coming to work each day. Here’s what TUNErs from around the globe said:

TUNE Values

“Within the walls of TUNE, something special is happening. The people are brilliant and kind, they show up for each other and collaborate with intention. The spirit of the company toward our community is unreal—from the TUNE House, a house for females in tech at the UW, to helping an app take launch that helps the local homeless—TUNE has been relentless in showing up for its community. As a female in tech, I feel a massive supportive shift happening where women are supported to rise, and that’s a powerful feeling. I’m honored and privileged to be a part of such a progressive, thoughtful company!”  — Jamie Park, Director of Career Development

“TUNE’s company values guide me to take actions that will be effective in my daily work life. Whenever I have a difficult choice between paths, I refer back to the company values to help guide me in my decision making. – Matthew Dale, Senior Software Engineer

The People

“Tune lets me be myself and provides me with the best resources and experts who teach and provide exceptional leadership that inspires others.  I have never felt so much freedom, trust and encouragement from a manager, and I love having the opportunity to learn with my team, while also having a strong sense of community.  This experience is like none other, Tune goes above and beyond to hire the right people who contribute to company “values” organically.”

– Jaclyn Yanamura, Sales Development Representative

“TUNE is filled with great people and co-workers; you feel like you’ve known them for years.”— Matan Mostov, Sales Representative

TUNE Cares

“It is an absolute privilege to work in an office that takes pride in pushing boundaries for our people and communities to be heard, seen and needed. This is especially true through our TUNE Cares program, which has a mission empowering employees to make an impact on the communities where they work and play.” – Hillary Robinson, Community Engagement Manager

“Through TUNE Cares, employees are encouraged to engage in our surrounding communities and develop bonds within the company.  It’s incredibly heartening to be a part of an organization that is so committed to supporting individual passions, building awareness of local issues, and striving to develop leaders.  TUNE Cares reminds us to be grateful for our success and privileges, and empowers us to pay it forward through service and engagement.”
— Ben Golden, General Counsel

Dedication to customers

“The TUNE team is really dedicated to their customers and to each other. Our focus on making our customers successful sets us apart.”  — Kelly Mullins, Head of Programmatic Partnerships

I’ve worked for TUNE for nearly 5 years. I love this company and my job because I get to do exactly what I like – helping people and connecting people. This is the essence of the company and its founders – since the day it was born and it still is in the core DNA of TUNE and its products. — Ofir Brill, Managing Director – Tel Aviv Operations


“I didn’t have to change jobs, the job changed for me.”
— Jean Vincent Chardon, EMEA Sales Manager

I love that Tune empowers and challenges employees to make an impact with our customers and teammates. It’s great to work in an environment where hard work and initiative is encouraged and rewarded with career growth opportunities. – Ryan Raeburn, Solutions Engineer Manager  


“I love working at TUNE because of the incredible experience working on the cutting edge of the mobile industry. As history is being made in the mobile space, our products are being used by the largest brands, agencies and networks who are capitalizing on this ever-evolving space. The future is mobile and our products are shaping how this new ecosystem works together for the greater good.” — Connor Sliva, Head of east coast sales

Leadership Support

I love how supported and empowered I feel by TUNE’s leadership. I’ve never worked somewhere where I can sit in a meeting with the CEO, CTO and VP of Marketing and truly feel like my voice matters. Everyone at TUNE is encouraged to share big ideas and has the power to drive impact- that’s not something you find everywhere and it makes our environment exciting to be part of. Coming to work is rewarding when you feel like the work you do makes a difference. Marina Rusinow, Product Marketing Manager

Impact, autonomy, and empowerment  

“We work with really smart people! But what I’m grateful for is so much more than our intelligence — it’s our ability to collaborate, listen, and learn from each other with curiosity and intent. There’s something magical about walking away from a meeting knowing more than you did beforehand, and it’s because when questions are asked they’re listened to, and they’re talked about. Real communication here at TUNE is something I treasure very much and am truly grateful for.”

— Julie Shuler, Lead Account Manager


“I love TUNE’s genuine dedication and value that is placed on work/life balance. We are a driven bunch that works incredibly hard. But when it is time to recharge, PTO is ample and is a respected time to focus on growth in other aspects of our lives beyond work.” –Cat Motz, Senior Global Recruiter

“Being a full time working Mom and driving almost 2 hours to work (each way) is extremely hard.  Having a manager who is understanding, trusting, caring and flexible with my schedule is a huge deal to me.  I feel very lucky and this just one of my many reasons I #Work4TUNE.”
— Bridgette Dumas, HR Team Coordinator and Benefits Analyst

Dogs of TUNE

“The dogs! I love being able to hang out with our furry friends at work. Nothing like a good snuggle session after a tough meeting.”
— Charmaine Kwong, Product Manager

“Bringing my dog to work is certainly one of my favorite office perks. People I wouldn’t normally have occasion to talk to will come over to say “hi” to Scout, and I like the reminder to take an outdoor break midday to reset. We also create a Dogs of TUNE calendar each year that featuress all of the office dogs. All proceeds from the calendar are donated to a local animal shelter each year.”
— Anna Dewitt, Director of UX

As we approach the second half of 2018, we look back on the significant milestones, challenges and accomplishments over the . If you’re interested in experiencing first-hand what it means to #Work4TUNE, check out our careers page or start the conversation today by reaching out to [email protected].

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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