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3 Secrets to Success in the Competitive Chinese Performance Marketing Industry (閱讀文章)

Becky Doles


Performance marketing is an online marketing strategy where an advertiser pays based on a specific action or predefined outcome, instead of clicks or potential results. To put it simply, the advertiser pays the publisher when an ad performs. Since advertisers only pay if their ad performs, this type of marketing has become very popular due to the low risk.

In the Chinese market, companies such as ad networks, publishers or affiliate networks, e-commerce, and DSPs are implementing the concept of performance marketing to achieve enormous business growth.

Here are three tips I tell clients to foster success in the highly-competitive and quickly-evolving Chinese performance marketing landscape:

1. Focus more on the revenue-generating business, less on the technology stuff.

Like most successful customers in Western countries where performance marketing is already established, more and more Chinese businesses approach HasOffers because they no longer want to get stuck managing an in-house system. In addition to the huge up-front cost, the subsequent maintenance work significantly distracts the company from its core business. You should be worried about growing your network, not spending excessive resources on the technology to support it. Along with increasing the number of publishers and advertisers you work with, it’s equally important to have the resources to support to them. In addition to saving on all the time and hassle, you’ll also avoid high costs for hosting services by outsourcing for a measurement platform.

Insightful companies know proper outsourcing brings them explosive revenue growth and better profit margins by investing the freed up resources on sales generation activities.

For example, Company A runs its own tracking platform and puts numerous resources toward maintaining and fixing tech issues every day. As a result, the company generates $10,000 in monthly revenue.

Company B, however, uses HasOffers—a well-developed and reliable platform for $2,000 per month. By doing this, it can focus on business expansion and let the HasOffers team handle all the tech issues. With the 24/7 email support, 24/5 chat support, and a dedicated account manager, Company B knows they can receive knowledgeable support at any time. Consequently, Company B generates $20,000 in revenue and due to the advanced functionality HasOffers offers for better performance, the ROI is significantly higher than Company A.

At the end of the year, Company B makes $96,000 more than Company A does, even by outsourcing the platform service to HasOffers. You invest to make more money and achieve greater success. Looking at the big picture separates the exceptional from the average in our space.

2. Take action now — Start using an effective way to manage your offers, advertisers, publishers and traffic monetization immediately.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard Chinese customers say something like this:

“The manual offer distribution and inefficient publisher management painfully constrains my company’s expansion.”

We get it—most ad networks race to win in this market by gathering as much traffic and as many offers as possible. However, only a few of them have the strategic mindset to know the importance of building a streamlined workflow. When a business first launches, the workflow should be based upon a reliable and world-renowned platform. And this mindset sets them apart from the followers. An automatic and streamlined workflow helps them provide the advertisers and publishers with a better user experience, which leads to higher ROI and longer, stronger relationships. Once you lay a solid foundation, strong business growth and success can be within sight.

While some companies are choosing to wait to build an efficient environment for the management, some start doing the right things at the beginning of their business and position themselves as the market leader. The lesson I’ve learned from our successful HasOffers customers in China is waiting won’t make you a winner. They didn’t wait to use HasOffers until they were working with 50 offers or publishers, because they knew waiting gave their competitors a chance to get ahead. Today, in this industry in China, you are either ahead of the pack or out of business.

3. Be well rounded — Don’t just focus on what you are good at.
Here are some important areas to invest your resources:

  • Choose a reliable and trustworthy platform to ensure that service doesn’t go down intermittently.
  • Rely on a 24/7 support team that can help solve all the technical (and sometimes non-technical) issues for you.
  • Have a way to track all data to optimize your ROI.
  • Embrace scaling. Working with a dedicated solution allows you to fulfill the demand when your business expands.
  • Display the simplest and most efficient way to distribute, manage, and optimize offers, advertisers, and publishers.
  • Get to know your publishers. Properly vetting your publishers is a good first step against fraud and ensuring they run high-quality traffic. By building a relationship with your publishers, it will be easier to communicate with them if you encounter discrepancies.
  • Test, test, and test some more. To figure out what gets the highest conversion rates, you need to make sure you are exploring new channels and optimizing for the best results.

To win a battle, all you need to do is to be better than your competition. When it takes only half the time and labor force for you to accomplish the same task your competition does, the freed up time and resources can be invested in improving the quality of your traffic, maintaining relationships with clients, and boosting your publisher and advertiser base. Everyone in the performance marketing battleground is striving to be better than the other guy, so make sure you are always improving yourself every single day.

Final Thoughts

Success is the result of a series of right decisions and executions. By focusing on the part of your business that generates revenue, taking action now, and providing the best service possible, you are on the right path to success. Take advantage of the value of partnering with the market leader and then you can beat your competition and reach the rapid business growth based on the market leader’s established knowledge and success.

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