Chris Brinkworth Explains What Tag Management Is

Becky Doles

As marketers, we’ve come to rely on tags to help us gather the right data about user activity. In affiliate marketing, the conversion pixel is probably the most common tag we use, though few of us could live without Google Analytics code on our pages as well. If you do retargeting, you might use the AdWords remarketing tag or the AdRoll tag. When you start including things like CrazyEgg or for landing page studies, the tags can really being to pile up.

At Affiliate Management Days, Chris Brinkworth of TagMan offered up a scary statistic – as many as 10% of affiliate conversion could be lost due to a user completing a conversion action before the tracking pixel fires. This failure to fire isn’t because the pixel didn’t work – it’s because the average landing page has so many things loading that the tracking pixel might get blocked by all the other stuff on the page. Tag management is the solution.

Tag management allows you to create rules about which tags appear on your page and when they appear. This allows you to improve your agility, to work with new marketing tools more easily. You can better identify the value that individual affiliates or other marketing partners bring to the table. And you can more programmatically define success in your marketing campaigns all with the help of tag management.

Check out the interview I did with Chris Brinkworth at Affiliate Management Days for several other ways a tag management solution like TagMan or Google Tag Manager can help you get better performance data for both affiliate marketing and all your online marketing efforts.

Becky Doles

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    I use HasOffers and MobileAppTracking to manage our the tags of our partners.

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