TUNE Partner Spotlight: Mocha Global

Lyndsey Fish

Mocha Global Connect Partner Spotlight

This month, our TUNE Partner Spotlight shines on a company that’s making waves in the search advertising ecosystem: Mocha Global. Get the details in their profile below. 

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of Mocha Global? 

A: Mocha Global (KEE2) is an emerging search advertising platform powering 500 million consumer searches happening outside of Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We have exclusive partnerships with the likes of Samsung Internet Browser (powering 80 million U.S. mobile devices), top keyboard applications (Baidu, Kika, Facemoji), and the world’s largest telecommunications companies. These partnerships enable brands to skip the Google search engine results page (SERP) and provide a friction-free experience for the user.

On top of that, we are seeing great success working with top Fortune 1000 brands in multiple verticals by driving new-to-file customers and sales.

Q: What are some of the top ways you promote brands?  

A: Through consumers who are searching within keyboard applications, browser applications, smartphone original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), internet service providers (ISPs), as well as through our owned and operated white label keyboards. 

Q: Which verticals perform the best with your company? 

A: Retail, e-commerce, finance, travel, sports and ticketing, automotive, insurance, and gaming. 

Q: What is the total reach of Mocha Global’s audience?  

A: 500 million users. 

Q: Can you tell us about a successful campaign you’ve run in the last six months? 

A: We are running a campaign for Etsy and have generated $150,000 in sales in less than one month.

Q: What’s something unique about Mocha Global?  

A: We have very unique supply inventory and implementations on a global scale that have proven to be successful in all major verticals. We have offices globally in New York City and the United Kingdom, as well as Romania. 

If you are interested in working with Mocha Global, let us know at [email protected].   

Lyndsey Fish

Lyndsey Fish is the Director of Partnerships at TUNE. Before joining TUNE, Lyndsey worked for a leading partner marketing agency, overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients. Her career has focused on growing affiliate partnerships, utilizing data to make strategic decisions for consumer brands, and driving incremental growth.

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