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Mobile Planet #4: Unearthing Mobile Partnerships

Brian Marcus

Our hero unearths a new way to bring together desktop and mobile partnerships for true cross-channel success.

This is it!  The exciting conclusion to our interstellar tale of two partnership marketing communities, mobile and desktop, that seemed destined to remain divided despite all of the similarities between them.  If you’re just joining in, here’s a quick recap of our hero’s adventures:

On the Mobile Planet, the battle between cookies and SDKs rages on

In Mobile Planet #1, our hero set off to discover the best way to measure his digital marketing campaigns, but found only disagreement and division …

When partner marketers can't unify mobile and web, bad user experiences are the result.

In Mobile Planet #2, our hero encountered the obstacles that were causing so much antagonism and wondered if there was a solution …

With a new course charted, our hero heads to a Mobile Planet where cookies and SDKs live in harmony.

In Mobile Planet #3, armed with new knowledge and a new outlook, our hero charted a course for a world where digital channels can coexist in harmony …

And now, after light-years of galactic travel, our hero re-enters a familiar atmosphere safely and full of hope.  His breakthrough discovery? The solution to unifying desktop and mobile partnerships is sitting right in front of us, right here on planet Earth — and right under your own roof.

An Earthly Discovery

Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest is TUNE, a partner marketing platform that integrates directly with mobile measurement partners.  Innovators at TUNE have been leaders in mobile and performance marketing for over a decade; we even invented the technology and term behind “postback,” the tracking standard on mobile.  We know this world very well.

But we also know digital marketing — not just on apps and smartphones, but on desktop web, too.  By specializing in the more complex realm of mobile attribution, we’ve also mastered tracking on desktop web.  We know how both work, and how to make them work together. That means the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform can house all of your partnerships across desktop and mobile, route all of your users to the right place, track all of your campaign conversions and transactions, and finally, pay all of your partners.

All that you need to unify your desktop and mobile partnerships with TUNE is already sitting right in front of you — or, more precisely, in your app.

Most likely, your mobile app already has a software development kit (SDK) from a mobile measurement partner (MMP) installed.  (Almost every app worth a darn has a mobile measurement SDK installed, since you can’t measure much of anything without one.) Thanks to the SDK that your MMP has already provided, you can now use the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform to manage your mobile partnerships the same way you manage your desktop-bound relationships.

So what does that really mean?  If you’ve been searching the marketingverse for a way to future-proof your affiliate or partner program, or to scale with new types of partners like mobile ad networks and app creators, you can finally relax — you just discovered a solution in TUNE.

Our Recommendation

TUNE has partnered with the industry’s leading mobile measurement partners to ensure that you can turn all of your mobile networks into performance partnerships.  Our best-in-class solution marries first-rate partner relationship management with superior mobile tracking and routing experiences, with as little engineering work as possible.  (If you have a mobile measurement SDK installed, most of the integration work is complete.)


  • Provides the partner management and invoicing/payout capability.
  • Already powers many of the top mobile-specific partners.

Mobile Measurement Partners

  • Able to do “affiliate-grade” mobile attribution.
  • Provide optimal mobile routing/funnel experiences.
  • Already present in nearly every app, so our solution can be used right away. 

In a universe of opportunity, why keep your world so small?  By leveraging the right integrations, you can open the door to more mobile partnerships and join the rest of this mobile planet. 

To find out more about TUNE’s mobile partnerships and integrations, click here. Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected].

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Brian Marcus

Brian Marcus, TUNE’s VP of Global of Marketing is an experienced marketing leader, whose career evolved in lock-step with the emergence of eCommerce and digital media. Since 2002, Brian has been shaping the performance marketing community — as a digital marketer, as a platform owner, and as a platform evangelist. Brian launched into eCommerce leading customer acquisition at JC Whitney, a century old cataloger destined to move online. From there, he went on to build two global affiliate marketing programs and platforms, one at Google (GAN) and the other at eBay (ePN). Most recently, Brian was VP of Marketing at Teespring, a Selling and eCommerce platform for designers and creators. Brian is a Chicago native, a Cubs fan, and a music fanatic. He now considers Seattle his home and spends his free time enjoying the Pacific Northwest with his family. He earned his BA from Grinnell College (in Iowa) and his MBA from the University of Chicago (Booth).