Networks: 3 Ways to Master Lead Generation

Connor Sliva

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The playing field for lead generation is changing. For lead networks, improving the quality of leads has taken precedence over quantity, and even over increase of sales revenue. Not only do advertisers expect their leads to be high quality, but they expect to get them quickly.

For networks to keep up with the ever changing world of lead gen, here are three suggestions for improving the relationship with advertisers and publishers.

1. Provide transparency.

  • Have open communication. By being available to discuss data and campaigns for leads, networks can make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding the best parameters for lead gen.
  • Share as much data as possible. Something as simple as providing sub ID data back to publishers helps them tweak their campaigns. And, as technology gets more advanced, this includes real-time lead scoring and lead return details. The more data that publishers and advertisers have to work with, the better they can optimize their campaigns.
  • Provide data and feedback as close to real time as possible. Giving advertisers, traffic sources, and publishers instant feedback gives them the opportunity to make adjustments to their campaigns. The more optimization they get, the more revenue publishers get and the higher the quality of leads for advertisers. (Hint: Happy advertisers stick around longer.)

What happens if you don’t share data? The longer publishers have to wait to know how their traffic is doing, the less chance they have to cut off poorly-performing campaigns or tweak them to perform better.

2. Have a system for automation or programmatic buying and selling of leads.

  • The longer the time between when a lead fills out a form to when the advertiser calls them, the smaller the chance of closing the sale. Programmatic buying and selling closes that time gap, increasing the chance for conversion.
  • Having a programmatic buying and selling process minimizes workflow and lowers operating costs for networks. Instead of having to manually sort leads, networks can score them through parameters set by the advertisers. Those leads that fit the parameters are then sent to the correct buyer. Cha-ching.

Example: An insurance agent who is looking to purchase leads from a lead network would set specific filters for which lead parameters they are looking for and at what price. So this agent could be looking for someone within a 100-mile radius, who owns a home, and who is currently enrolled with a competing insurance company. Each filter includes their minimum and maximum bid price to assure they are getting qualified leads at the price they are comfortable with paying. Those leads who fill out the form and fulfill these categories will then be automatically sent to the insurance agency.

3. Be tuned into verification and scoring methods to cut down on returned leads. (Networks’ fancy way of saying, “Just do your job.”)

  • Make sure to score and verify the leads. Networks have to step in between the publisher and advertiser to confirm that the lead they are sending to the advertiser is what they are asking for. Leads not up to the advertiser’s standards could cheapen the trust previously built up with the network.
  • When scoring a lead, look to verification services like Neustar, eBureau, and Briteverify, but also make sure to analyze the user behavior in the form. User behavior measures the user’s habits, like their eagerness to fill out the form. If the average time to fill out a form is 20 seconds and it says the user completed the form in 2 seconds, that will show who real users are and red flags for potential fraud.
  • Have the lead verified, primed, and ready to go. Disappointed advertisers are not likely to rebuy if you don’t fulfill their criteria and could move to another network.
  • With all the competition in the lead gen industry, the advertiser now has the power. Make yourself stand out by being thorough and providing quality leads.
  • Offer a returned lead program for leads that are not up to the expectations of the buyers. Although this may hit the initial lead revenue, it will show to buyers that you stand behind your network brand and are always striving to give them the best possible leads.

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Connor Sliva

Connor is a Sales Executive for TUNE who received his BA in Marketing and International Business from Washington State University. He focuses his time and energy with our lead-generation clients and enjoys rolling up his sleeves to solve complicated technical configurements. Outside of work he is an avid snowboarder, surfer and sailing enthusiast.

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