Spotlight On: Intuit’s Sr. Marketing Manager of App Store Channel

Becky Doles

This is an exclusive Q&A with Tom Klingebiel, Sr. Marketing Manager, App Store Channel at Intuit. Tom is scheduled to be a panelist at

Q: You’ve had success marketing multiple apps. How does your user acquisition strategy change based on the app you’re marketing?

While many of our customers own or use several of our products, our target segments are quite different. When we devise a mobile marketing strategy, we identify the methods that are going to reach that specific segment or audience the best, and at scale. With some of our apps, we can cast a wider net (TurboTax for example) while with others, we must be much more targeted in our efforts (like QuickBooks).

Q: What role does app store optimization play in your user acquisition campaigns?

We’re paying much more attention to this than we ever have before. Being the leader in many of our categories, we need to continue to stay ahead. We’ve always tried to be brand focused first, but with ASO you need to understand how people search and that might be different than how you prefer to talk about your brand or service. We’re constantly testing titles, keywords and descriptions as well as our screenshots and product videos. If we can continue to rank in the top #3 for high volume terms, that’s money we don’t have to spend on paid media campaigns.

Q: What advice do you have for mobile marketers struggling with user acquisition?

I think it’s best to really put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think customer back. If you were in the market (or casually browsing) for a product an advertiser was selling, what would make you click? What would make you install their app? And more important, what would actually make you use the app and recommend it. Think about it end to end and then create an acquisition strategy that hits on each of those points. Pay attention to the entire learn, shop, buy, use and share process.

Q: What emerging technology has impressed you lately?

Connected homes are going to be fun to watch develop. Many products exist that fall into this category but they are expensive, don’t all work well together, and are buggy. I’m hoping in the not too distant future, my home knows me, knows how I like my coffee, knows when I need to turn on/off my alarm and whether or not I should adjust my irrigation based on the upcoming weather forecast. I’m excited to see how those pieces all fit together.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at #Postback15?

Cocktails and conversations!

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