Buy vs DIY: The Pros and Cons of Buying vs Developing Your Tracking Platform [Infographic]

Anna Chatilo

To buy, or to DIY? That truly is the question when it comes to your tracking platform. The decision either to buy a third-party performance marketing tracking platform or to develop one in-house is a major pain point for any advertising network owner, manager, or CTO. That’s why we created the infographic below to help you weigh the pros and cons of each.

For more information on the topic, including cost estimates, resource and go-to-market timelines, and opinions from decision makers at leading mobile ad agencies, download the white paper: “Buy vs. DIY: Considerations for Scaling Your Ad Network.”

And if you’re ready to try one for yourself, why don’t you go ahead and start your 30-day free trial of TUNE by signing up here?

Infographic on Performance Marketing Tracking Platform Buy vs DIY

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Anna Chatilo

Anna is a TUNE content marketer and an MBA Candidate at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. She's also the mentoring and events manager for the TUNE House: scholars.tune.com. In her spare time you can find her reading (mostly fiction and business), biking, eating the great food around Seattle and traveling.