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Thankful for TUNE Retreat 2023

Nessa Voigt

TUNE Retreat 2023 group photo
The TUNE Retreat 2023 crew

Around this time each year, it seems that our thoughts naturally tend turn toward the things we’re thankful for. Whether it’s the holiday season, the end of another trip around the sun, or something else entirely, we spend a little more time than usual reflecting on the good we’ve been lucky enough to experience.

This year, one of the things I’m thankful for is the time we spent together at the 2023 TUNE Retreat.

After the buzz of last year’s retreat, we knew that getting our team together annually was an important part of TUNE culture. For 2023’s event, we decided to get out of the PNW and venture south to the desert of Palm Springs for some warmer weather and much-needed vitamin D.

As we have continued to refine our remote-first workplace, the need for a unified TUNE culture has only intensified. These annual retreats offer a unique setting for team members to interact, share best practices, and get in-person time with the people we work with every day. There is no replacement for being able to meet face-to-face and solve real problems together.

I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to create this experience for a second year, and I’m happy to be able to share a few thoughts and photographs from our time together.

Why We Make Time for a Yearly Retreat

“It’s great to put your daily ‘work life’ on hold for a week to have everyone stop everything and have intensely rewarding breakout sessions that provided 360* feedback. We also got to reflect on our massive achievements over the past year, as well as a peek into the game-changing projects we will be bringing to the market in 2024 and beyond!”
—Dan Buontempone, Business Development Specialist

Welcome to Palm Springs TUNE Retreat 2023

“Touching down in sunny Palm Springs for the annual TUNE retreat brought a week filled with delicious food, fun activities, and even better company. Nothing compares to hanging out with your team in person. From the hilarious dinnertime stories to the morning brainstorms over a cup of coffee, I left feeling refreshed and excited for the future of TUNE!”
—Shandi Michno, Head of Onboarding and Training Programs

“The retreat to me meant a time for all TUNErs to gather together in an environment that facilitates collaboration and appreciation amongst peers, as well as relaxation and reflection on where we have come while focusing on where we are going.”
—Kyle Holderness, Senior Customer Success Manager

“The pre-travel jitters left immediately as soon as I got off the plane in Palm Springs and started reuniting with peers at the retreat. The energy was electric, and it was great to get together and discuss TUNE’s VisionType and review focus areas that will best support an ever-evolving industry. Super excited for what’s to come!”
—Emily Ersbak, Senior Onboarding Manager

Cam gives closing speech - TUNE Retreat 2023.

“My favorite moment was all the speeches during the closing dinner. There was both some laughter and some happy tears, and it really showed how much folks from across the company cared about TUNE and the group of people that make this such a special place to work.”
—Nate Ivie, VP of Business Development

“The retreat in Palm Springs was my favorite TUNE event yet. It was a perfect mix of productive conversations and fun team building. I got to spend time with colleagues I rarely interact with over Zoom.”
—Lyndsey Fish, Director of Partnerships

“My favorite moment was the happy hour and dinner on the first night. There were soooo many people I have been wanting to meet and chat with, and the room allowed for great mingling and exposure to everyone.”
—Kyle Holderness, Senior Customer Success Manager

Takeaways from Connecting in Person

TUNE's international team members stop at IHOP
(L-R) Vicente, Daniel, Iana, and James of TUNE’s international team made a pit stop at the International House of Pancakes on the way to the retreat.

“While I value the flexibility of remote work, the significance of interacting with my colleagues in person cannot be overstated. The joy of sharing laughter, personal anecdotes, and engaging in work-related discussions amid the backdrop of swaying palm trees and the stunning scenery of Palm Springs is truly unparalleled. What more could one ask for?”
—Iana Starostovich, Head of Customer Success, EMEA

“Since TUNE is a remote-first company, it’s always exciting to get out from behind the camera and have a chance to meet up face-to-face. Connecting on a more personal level is great, but it also opens up opportunities for conversation and new ideas between people that almost certainly wouldn’t have had a reason to connect online otherwise.”
—Cale Mooth, Senior Product Manager

The Retreat Committee: (L-R) Shandi, Nessa, and Nate

“Being on the commercial team, I’m able to see folks from sales, marketing, and partnerships semi-regularly at events and shows through the year, but getting to interact face-to-face with the rest of the company is another level of gratification. I got to hang out and bounce ideas off of engineers, product managers, and international employees, and it just reinforces the fact that we have some of the best people working here. You can sometimes forget that sitting behind screens all the time.”
—Nate Ivie, VP of Business Development

“It was great connecting with teammates that I speak to every day virtually, but IRL! From our ‘conference crew,’ there were a handful of people that I’ve seen not once, not twice, but thrice this year — in three different states!”
—Dan Buontempone, Business Development Specialist

“Having just joined TUNE two months prior to the retreat, I really had no idea what to expect. Over the next two to three days, the in-person interactions, conversations, energy, and impromptu moments were aspects I don’t think could have been replicated anywhere else. I’m grateful to work with such incredibly talented and supportive people. A huge shout-out to the team that helped make this event a reality, and excited for what’s to come!”
—Rachel Tu, Integrated Marketing Manager

Kyle embracing his Palm Springs style.

“With being remote since starting at TUNE, it was so great to meet so many people that I work with both on a daily basis, as well as in one-off situations. Fostering IRL relationships with teammates makes for a much more personalized experience when working with colleagues going forward and serves as a reminder that we are all human beings, not just bots behind a screen.”
—Kyle Holderness, Senior Customer Success Manager

Thoughts on TUNE’s VisionType

“It’s so important for an organization to be looking ahead and trying to anticipate what customers will require not just in the next few months, but three to five years from now. It signals that TUNE is a leader with staying power and not just following trends.”
—Cale Mooth, Senior Product Manager

TUNE Retreat 2023 opening keynote
Retreat mornings were for focus, while afternoons were reserved for fun.

“I’ve been at TUNE for over six years now, and I think this is by far the most exciting time to be at TUNE! We are questioning and re-evaluating everything we know and not afraid to take on big challenges. We’re recognizing the changing partnership landscape, understanding what our clients need to run successful programs, and diligently working towards those solutions. It’s exciting to see the vision we have for the future and what impact that could have for our clients — and I’m thrilled to be part of the changes that are about to come!”
—Soyoon Bach, Director of Customer Success

“We are making some big bets at TUNE, and seeing the VisionType got me extremely excited for our future. It’s obvious the product team has taken insights from current clients, employees, prospects, and industry leaders to develop a really intriguing road ahead for us.”
—Nate Ivie, VP of Business Development

“The future is bright for TUNE! The VisionType is great exposure to where we want to be, but also is a reminder of the work ahead to get there.”
—Kyle Holderness, Senior Customer Success Manager

Mercer, our retreat mascot for the second year in a row.

”It’s amazing to see what came to fruition from our 2022 VisionType presentation, and I can’t wait to see our 2023 VisionType come to life!”
—Dan Buontempone, Business Development Specialist

To the Season Ahead

Thanks to everyone who makes TUNE a special place to work every day. I’d also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our customers, who make it possible for us to continue to build great things with great people.

Nessa Voigt

Nessa is currently the VP of Marketing, but over her decade-long tenure at TUNE, her responsibilities have extended beyond marketing to encompass roles in both sales and operations. Originally from Alaska, she currently enjoys embarking on adventures with her toddler while managing to sneak in ski trips and music shows in Seattle.