TRUSTe Announces Privacy Management Solution TRUSTed Mobile Ads

Becky Doles

Today at ad:tech San Francisco, TRUSTe announced their new TRUSTed Mobile Ads product, which is designed to provide consumers more control over the collection and use of their personal data. Consumers will have greater visibility into the tracking process along with a greater level of control over what’s tracked. In addition to providing better control to consumers, TRUSTed Mobile Ads will facilitate behavioral ad targeting, without the current fears around the use of personally identifiable information.

Better Privacy Protections than UDID or MAC Address Tracking

One of the keys to TRUSTed Mobile Ads is the Trusted Preference Identifier, which is a universal device identifier that can be used for tracking but can also be completely disposable. From a privacy perspective, this is more secure than using UDID or a device MAC address, which are both persistent per device.

Much like the way cookie tracking works, if the Trusted Preference Identifier is deleted, the device is reset to a clean slate of tracking data.

How is TRUSTed Mobile Ads implemented?

TRUSTe provides an SDK that can either integrate directly with an application or be deployed as part of a solution like our Mobile App Tracking product. With the SDK installed, users will be given the ability to opt out of tracking from within the application.

After a user installs an app with TRUSTed Mobile App integration, the app initially checks to see if the user has any privacy preferences set. If nothing is current configured, the user is notified about what data will be collected and given the option to opt out of data collection.

If a consumer opts out, this data will be stored by TRUSTe and passed to an ad network so the privacy preference can be honored in future ad displays. If it sounds a bit like the way blocking cookies works in a desktop environment, it’s meant to. Until the launch of TRUSTed Mobile Ads, there was no viable equivalent that could communicate across applications.

According to TRUSTe, TRUSTed Mobile Ads complies with the Digital Advertising Alliance AdChoices principles for web ads as well as meeting global privacy requirements, including standards in Europe and Asia. HasOffers is proud to participate in the beta launch of TRUSTed Mobile Ads, through our Mobile App Tracking product, alongside other industry leaders like Electronic Arts, Human Demand, InMobi, JiWire, Medialets, and Nexage.

Becky Doles

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