TUNE Network Partner Spotlight: SheBuysTravel

Tie Davidson

TUNE Network Partner Spotlight - SheBuysTravel

SheBuysTravel is an established, trusted, and actionable information source for women with a spirit of adventure. Millions of discerning and curious women come to SheBuysTravel each year for guidance on travel destinations, products, and experiences. SheBuysTravel writers have been there and packed that. We share the best ways to travel — with family, with friends, and solo — and the best gear to take along. 

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of SheBuysTravel?  

A: SheBuysTravel expertise is focused on building brand awareness and crafting sales funnels that drive our audience to convert. We have successfully partnered with destinations, products and services, delivering millions of dollars in sales.

Q: What are the top ways you promote brands?  

A: Content is the foundation for all of our campaigns. From there, we promote brands and destinations via video, newsletter, social media and ad sets.

Q: What is the total reach of your audience?  

A: In 2023, SheBuysTravel reached over 10 million women across all platforms.

Q: Can you share some insights about your company’s audience and demographics?  

A: As you might guess, the SheBuysTravel audience is primarily female (68%), mobile first (72%) and range in age from 25 to 54. SheBuysTravel readers want value for their travel spend and they want firsthand personalized information. They do their homework when it comes to travel. They use multiple platforms to research destinations, products and activities.

Q: Which verticals perform the best with SheBuysTravel?  

A: Hotels and resorts perform the best followed by products in our packing lists and product guides that save her shopping time and money.

Q: Can you tell us about a successful campaign you’ve run in the last six months?  

A: A luxury resort engaged with us to drive a lower click-through rate than they were able to achieve directly, and to drive bookings. We have created several campaigns for this client and the most recent, which started in January 2024, delivered a 26% ROI so far.

Q: What’s something unique about SheBuysTravel?  

A: SheBuysTravel is a consumer rich content platform targeted to women AND a marketing agency that curates audiences using digital assets. This is important to our partners because we can jumpstart campaigns quickly, distribute content among multiple platforms to reach diverse audiences and pivot on a dime when needed. SheBuysTravel content is original — 90% of our 75 writers are trained journalists who write from firsthand experience.

Q: Any industry trends or insights to share with brands?  

A: Women are increasingly conducting thorough research before making a purchase. They turn to online content and social media videos to stay informed through trusted third-party sources. When we provide personal experiences and context around the brands we promote, we notice a significant increase in click-through rates and conversion rates. The narrative surrounding the products and brands is crucial.

Q: Why should brands want to work with SheBuysTravel?

A: Adding on to our response above about how we’re unique, all SheBuysTravel campaigns are customized for the client, with high-touch service, guaranteed deliverables and dedicated project management. Our team has been working together for over 10 years. We LOVE what we do.

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Tie Davidson

Tie Davidson is a seasoned veteran in the Affiliate Marketing space. As the Partnerships Manager at TUNE, he is committed to sharing his industry knowledge and expertise with brands, agencies, and media partners, while providing education and support for their program recruitment efforts. Tie currently resides in NYC, and spends his spare time as a local food influencer and life coach.