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Your Redirect Speeds Are Affecting Your Mobile Marketing Campaign [White Paper]

Nate Ivie

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With fleeting attention spans, mobile marketers have a diminishing window to engage users, or lose them. Millennials’ attention spans are 60 percent shorter than previous generations when it comes to media, meaning mobile marketers have to make every millisecond the consumer is experiencing their ad efficient as hell for successful campaigns.

Web page load speed has long been a key metric for successful web marketers. The equivalent of webpage load speed in mobile marketing is redirect speed—the time it takes to get to the app store after clicking on an ad. As web page load speed can hinder a web campaign, slow redirect speeds can be detrimental to a mobile app install campaign. As an advertiser or publisher, if you aren’t consciously making redirect speed as short as possible, you’re losing revenue.

To date, nobody has published findings on the true effects of slow redirect speeds, but because TUNE has products that sit on both sides of the spectrum, we can give insight into the problem. Through HasOffers and the TUNE Marketing Console we can represent both the demand and the supply side of the ecosystem.

In this white paper we reveal the key metrics mobile marketers can use when building out their marketing campaigns.

Key Findings


  • From a customer experience standpoint on the web, 52% of online shoppers equate quick page-load time to their site loyalty, and 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online.
  • In addition, we will share how this affects your brand reputation and how to control it.

Supply-Side Partners:

  • If a one-second delay in page response on the web can result in a 7% reduction in conversions, one could assume that an uptick in page response time would result in a conversion rate increase. It would be safe to estimate a similar correlation in mobile app install campaigns.
  • You’ll also learn how to increase redirect speed, meaning you’ll gets users to the iTunes or Google Play store faster and resulting in more conversions.

Get your answers in the free white paper today.

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Nate Ivie

As VP of Sales at TUNE, Nate’s team focuses on enterprise sales for TUNE, an industry leading platform that provides brands, agencies, and affiliate networks the infrastructure to track and manage their partner marketing activities. Prior to TUNE, Nate worked in sales and client services at Tippr, one of the early group buying platforms, and Efinancial, an online life insurance brokerage. Nate received his BA in Social Sciences from Washington State University.

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