Integrate With Tune

Powering the partner ecosystem

TUNE bridges the gaps between marketers, partner programs, and solutions, enabling unparalleled connectivity and visibility that allows the entire partner ecosystem to work better together. Whether you’re looking to boost business and enhance relationships by becoming an integrated partner, or you’re a marketer looking to work with one, TUNE makes it possible.

How Can TUNE Connect With You?

Join the TUNE Integrated Partner Program

Drive growth and enhance your relationships with marketers

Exclusively for ad networks, affiliate/performance networks, DSPs, and publishers. Gain exclusive access to tools, resources, and insights at the forefront of innovation. Easily do business with marketers and enable them to deliver more effective campaigns. Leverage co-management capabilities and unprecedented visibility in the TUNE Partner Center.

Become a TUNE Integrated Technology Partner

Gain global brand visibility and increase client opportunities

Exclusively for technology providers. Integrated tech partners comprise world-class technology providers that are integrated with Attribution Analytics and HasOffers. Working with TUNE, these trusted partners enable marketers to leverage best-in-class technology to achieve their goals. Integrated tech partners gain access to a global market of potential clients in TUNE Connect.

Connect With TUNE

Connecting marketers to TUNE Integrated Advertising and Technology Partners for a more complete ecosystem

TUNE connects marketers with our integrated partners to create a unified ecosystem. Compare networks and start spending immediately, or leverage tested best-in-class technology to achieve your goals.