TUNE Connect

Technologies to power the partner ecosystem

TUNE Connect solutions and partner programs help marketers and their ad partners, networks, and agencies access deeper insights, build better relationships, and streamline their workflows. Whether you’re looking to manage your own ad network, integrate with our technology, or build stronger relationships with marketers, TUNE Connect makes it possible.

HasOffers by TUNE

Performance marketing for mobile and online ad network management

HasOffers by TUNE is a fully-customizable platform that allows you to save time by effectively managing all your direct publisher and affiliate relationships, as well as increase profit with powerful campaign optimizations tools. Discover why more companies choose HasOffers over any other provider to help them manage their performance marketing network.

TUNE Partner Center

Connecting ad partners with marketers for a more complete ecosystem

Built specifically for integrated advertising partners, the TUNE Partner Center delivers unprecedented visibility and co-management capabilities with a singular view of campaign performance. It’s the foundation for the future of marketing technology — one integrated platform that gives you direct access to the performance of your marketers’ campaigns.

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Integrated Ad Partners

Enhance relationships with marketers to drive growth across paid and unpaid channels

By integrating with TUNE, advertising partners who want to be at the forefront of innovation gain exclusive access to tools, resources, and insights. Easily do business with marketers and enable them to deliver more effective campaigns.

Technology Partners

Seamlessly integrate your technology with TUNE Marketing Console

TUNE integrated technology partners are comprised of world-class technology partners who are integrated with the TUNE Marketing Console. Working with TUNE, these trusted partners enable marketers to leverage best-in-class technology to achieve their goals.

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