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No better way to succeed than to be excellent at the things that are within your control. That means dialing in your mobile marketing strategies and execution with precision and fine-tuning. We are the only solution to help you dial in your mobile marketing by providing one unified platform to manage and measure your most important activities with your customers.

Armed with the right strategies and positioned to execute flawlessly, you will grow with the right partners and attract your next best customers, leading to better results from acquisition through engagement. At the same time, you will reduce downside risks with fraud prevention, data protection, and system reliability.


TUNE is the one solution to set you up for success.


A complete solution

Streamline your mobile marketing and measurement.

We believe that all marketing should be measurable across every app or brand, from initial impression to final outcome, and every step in between. This unparallelled insight into the connected customer journey lets you deliver more consistent and strategic experiences at scale.

Measure and attribute all of your mobile marketing with one solution


Unify device, channel, and location data around people.

We believe that all marketing should start with people, not devices or channels. TUNE is the only mobile marketing solution in the industry that was built from the ground up to help you create people-centric, cohesive experiences for your customers’ many journeys.

Our foundation is the TUNE People Service, a proprietary data service that connects individuals to experiences. Every single person has a unique identifier, allowing our customers to track each of their customers across channels and devices. Combined with proximity services, TUNE customers have the power to create personalized, location-based moments for their customers.

One source of truth

Act with confidence in your data security and privacy.

We believe that all marketing measurement should be precise and unbiased. As your system of record, TUNE provides a pure view of the performance of your mobile marketing strategy.

Unlike most mobile marketing systems, which depend on disparate sources of data to stitch together a full picture, TUNE was built from the ground up to collect, normalize, and unify all revenue, cost, and event data in one place.

And unlike other companies, we give ownership of that data to you.

One secure, trusted system of record for all of your mobile marketing analytics

Infinite relationships

Connect to all of your partners with one integration.

We believe that a connected world is a better world. With TUNE, all of your partner-driven actions are visible in one platform, giving you a clear understanding of where to invest your next dollar.

Our APIs seamlessly link thousands of integrated partners to the data they need when TUNE customers want help optimizing their programs.

Experience the TUNE difference for yourself