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We get it. You’re busy using many technologies to do your job, and trying to navigate the complexities of mobile marketing to grow your business. Your data is siloed in disparate point solutions that are dated, difficult to use, and not integrated. When you need someone to help you make sense of it all, you too often don’t get the support you need. That’s where we come in.

TUNE delivers mobile marketing solutions that help today’s marketers and their partners (including ad networks, tech platforms, demand-side platforms, and others) effectively manage marketing campaigns, engage the right audiences, optimize performance, and win in the market. Accuracy, transparency, and efficiency are critical in marketing, which is why we integrate with and build technologies that power marketers’ agencies, ad networks, and other partners.

For marketers

The TUNE Marketing Console is the marketer’s complete mobile marketing technology stack, with one integrated solution for mobile measurement, engagement, and optimization across the entire customer journey. Tap into the industry’s leading analytics and marketing attribution solution for your mobile apps and websites. Leverage the combined products of the TUNE Marketing Console to optimize campaigns, increase discovery, and drive engagement. Find the individual product that fits your needs today and combine the products of the TUNE Marketing Console to experience one unified solution that streamlines your workflow and provides the most actionable insights.

How we help you

Chief Marketing Officers

Chief Marketing Officers know that to win in today’s market, they need to nail their mobile business strategy. But they are often unsure whether mobile web or app is the right strategy, how to effectively measure their marketing spend, and who they can partner with to provide the expertise they need. We help CMOs scale their marketing organizations and mobile customer base, providing them with the infrastructure to measure new customer growth, and deliver long-term ROI.

When you work with TUNE, you are tapping into the expertise of the industry’s most advanced and complete mobile technology provider, who has played a key role in the mobile growth of companies like Uber, Starbucks, Amazon, CVS, and Expedia.

Marketing Managers

Marketing Managers need to understand and trust the data that comes back from campaigns, so they can be confident in reporting performance. If there is a bump or a dip in revenue, installs, or engagement that they can’t account for, it not only eats up time and budget, it compromises trust. We help marketing managers monitor campaign effectiveness and make sure they’re working with the right partners, and optimize partners based on performance and yield.

Whether you’re a marketer responsible for campaigns, acquisition, optimization, or operations, TUNE has a complete suite of solutions and expert support services to help you succeed.

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For ad networks

Our supply-side products provide powerful, scalable big data solutions for ad networks and publisher ecosystems. Whether you are a network looking for a best-in-class performance marketing solution or an advertiser managing your own publisher relationships, TUNE has a solution for you. Learn more about HasOffers, our Certified Partner Program, integrated technology partners, and tools for developers.

How we help you

Network Owners

Network owners are busy juggling demands of multiple advertisers and publishers, while figuring out how to increase profit margins. They need to more efficiently run their performance marketing business, from managing publishers and advertisers to optimizing campaigns and handling invoices and payouts. Too many platforms just don’t provide the reliability, scalability, and flexibility you need to manage performance marketing in real time. We provide not only superior measurement for accurate reporting and give you instant insight into your campaign performance so you can make real-time decisions based on actionable data, we have the strongest and most flexible API functionality in the industry, backed by industry-leading customer support. The world’s most successful mobile and desktop networks trust HasOffers to help track performance efforts, optimize campaign metrics, and manage thousands of publishers.

Publisher & Affiliate Managers

Publisher/affiliate managers have a lot to worry about. They are responsible for the success of the campaigns their affiliates run. They need transparent and accurate ways to manage relationships. Their tools are too often lacking; because email is not a system of record for sharing mURLs, postbacks, creative links and other materials, communication within the platform is essential. Plus, they need a trustworthy solution that will give their affiliates peace of mind, while also providing excellent customer support and help in minimizing fraud. We provide a simple, intuitive system to help deliver increased traffic and enable publisher managers to work more efficiently with publishers and affiliates. Other platforms fail to deliver the robust tools to support complicated payout and revenue group setups and lack the ease-of-use they desire. We understand how important it is to provide a great experience to your affiliates and that’s why we offer a complete set of tools to keep them coming back to you, plus world-class, 24/7 support.

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