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Ready for 2017? Here are the mobile marketing trends you’ll see

Becky Doles

mobile marketing trends

The new year is around the corner and that means capitalizing on the holiday season and creating a new strategy to thrive in 2017. We’re not going to tell you 2017 will be the year of mobile — it has been every year for the past five. What we have here are truly valuable mobile marketing tactics that we’ll see emerge next year. Listed below are mobile marketing trends worth their weight in gold(en users).

seahorseMyth: American adults download zero apps per month

Common belief is that users download an average of zero apps per month. That would mean the app market is dwindling down and that’s bad news for marketers.

But actually, 75% of American smartphone owners download at least one app per month. Most download more. In 2014, comScore reported that the average number of apps that American smartphone owners download per month was zero. That became an accepted fact. In June 2016, TUNE surveyed 3,000 American smartphone users about their app install behavior. According to that data, the average person installs 2.3 apps each month.

What marketers can do: Stay up to date on the latest research, and be cautious of sensational headlines that suggest the app industry is going anywhere fast. You can find out more about the latest trends and more hidden data treasures in the free report “How Many Apps Do Americans Actually Download Per Month?”

Win mobile moments

Mobile moment: A term coined by Forrester Research that refers to a point in time when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want immediately. Mobile moments are the next battleground to win, serve, and retain customers, according to a new report from Forrester Research. Companies have to evolve quickly to adapt to the ever-changing demands and expectations of the consumer.

What this means for marketers: Mobile moments are pivotal for marketers because they show how the industry is shifting.

“This is more than just a shift in time spent; it’s actually a fundamental shift in how (consumers) engage and what their expectations are,” Forrester Analyst Jennifer Wise said in her Postback conference keynote. “It’s the expectation that I can get what I want in my immediate context and moments of need.”

We came up with four ways to seize mobile moments. You can also download the Forrester report for free, courtesy of TUNE.

Collect more mobile marketing trends

More mobile marketing gems await you! Download the free e-book “Discovered: The most treasured mobile marketing trends for 2017” to see all nine pearls of mobile marketing wisdom.

mobile marketing trends


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Becky Doles

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