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Becky Doles

Getting and staying ahead in mobile means keeping up with fast-moving trends. Mobile spans a lot of different categories: app store optimization, in-app messaging, reengagement, strategies like location-based marketing, and so much more. And sometimes reading just gets so boring.

That’s why SlideShare has become so popular. The more visual approach to sharing tips, insights, and trends is a more engaging way to get your smarts. We like it! Hopefully you do, too, because we pulled together five SlideShares that we think are pretty darn good, and come loaded with handy info to help you learn the ropes of mobile and be on your way to mastery in no time.

1. 12 Mobile App Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

marketing slidesharesBeing excellent at one part of app marketing is good, but to be successful marketers need to learn how to gain users and keep them coming back for more. Oh, and spending money. Learn how to identify the best channel, how to measure, experiment, targeting, messaging, and much more, in this tips-based roundup from our friends at Localytics.  CHECK IT OUT


2. What’s your mobile marketing resolution for 2016?

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As we enter the last quarter of 2016, you may have your sights set on 2017 planning, but how many of your mobile marketing resolutions have you kept up with this year? Fear not, you can still shift to include them in your mobile strategy. Learn how to bridge the online and offline experience to tailor your mobile goals to your business, and much more. A lot of smart people in the industry contributed to this, so we think it is worth a peek. LEARN MORE

3. How to Make Influencer Marketing Your Top Performing Channel in 2016

mobile marketing slideshares

Marketing is about getting the right message to the right person at the right time. Influencers aren’t just teenagers who make viral Youtube videos anymore. Influencers can impact buying behaviors of your consumers as they are people your consumers already trust. Learn how to identify influences (hint: they are not celebrities) and maximize user engagement, from the good folks over at Kissmetrics. DISCOVER HOW

4. Navigating Location-Based Marketing

Location-based marketing will help you get to know your audience better. It can also be creepy if you aren’t careful. The amount of information you receive from users can be a real benefit to helping engage them, but there’s a lot of potential missteps to avoid so you don’t scare them away. Learn how to do this and other best practices.  LET’S GO


5. The Top 16 Video Marketing Strategies for 2016

mobile marketing slidesharesStill haven’t jumped on the video marketing train? Video can be a great way to engage customers and increase revenue — a marketer’s dream combo. Adélie Studios provides tons of great stats for video marketing, such as website having videos produce about a 4.8 percent conversion rate as opposed to only 2.9 percent without. That 1.9 percent would mean thousands of dollars. GET IT NOW

Want more?

We at TUNE have also created some pretty sweet slideshares ranging from topics like location-based marketing, deconstructing the mobile marketing funnel, and much more. Follow us to stay up-to-date on all things mobile.

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