TUNE Partner Spotlight: MaxBounty

Tie Davidson

Connect Partner Spotlight February 2023 MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a CPA network specializing in maximizing the ROI of advertisers and affiliates. Through the years, they have adapted to performance marketing’s continual evolution as well as influenced its direction. Today, the company remains dedicated to developing and perfecting their network’s features on a daily basis. Read on to discover more about our featured partner for February.

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of MaxBounty? 

A: MaxBounty is a performance-based affiliate network that is dedicated to maximizing the ROI of both brands and affiliates. Our cost-per-action model allows us to provide tailor-made solutions for each of our advertiser partner’s individual goals. This means they only pay for the action that they determine is valuable to their business. Whether that’s sales, sign-ups, lead submission, downloads, or app installs, we ensure their specific goal is prioritized.

Q: What are the top ways you promote brands? 

A: We utilize a global network of vetted affiliates to get brands in front of new audiences. From social media gurus to website owners to proficient media buyers, our diverse base of online experts can help brands reach untapped digital channels. Our advertiser partners don’t obtain just one new marketing channel with MaxBounty, they get access to thousands.

Q: What is the total reach of your audience?

A: Throughout our 19+ years of delivering results, we have developed a portfolio of affiliates with worldwide reach. No matter the vertical or geographic target, we provide access to unique media channels that expand our advertisers reach by putting them in front of new audiences that traditional marketing channels are failing to discover.

Q: Which verticals perform the best with MaxBounty? 

A: Our network specializes in business-to-consumer facing verticals. Market research, finance, insurance, travel, health, and branded e-commerce have all been strong performers throughout the years. That said, given the size and scope of our affiliate base, there is almost no vertical that is outside of our capabilities.

Q: Can you tell us about a successful campaign you’ve run in the last six months? 

A: TransUnion has been one of our trusted partners since 2020. Over the past six months we have driven over 25,000 new paid customer subscriptions through display, social, native, and contextual advertising sources. We continue to expand their reach by putting their brand in front of their target audience by utilizing our vast network of affiliate partners. Learn more here.

Q: What’s something unique about MaxBounty?  

A: MaxBounty is an all-in-one solution that operates on a 100% performance-based model. Our Account Management Team works with our partners to gain insights, review quality, provide feedback, and optimize their performance. Our Affiliate Management Team constantly works to promote individual campaigns to our affiliate base, finding our partners the most suitable media channels. Our Quality Assurance Team utilize our proprietary FraudBlock technology to provide a programmatic layer of protection while continually checking the quality of each individual affiliate and lead. From strategic execution to technical implementation assistance, every member of our team is on hand to propel our partners’ potential.

Q: Any industry trends or insights to share with brands?  

A: With the ever-changing economic climate, it’s more important than ever for brands to ensure their ROI from all their marketing channels. We have seen and will continue to see an increased focus on performance marketing. It’s very important for advertisers to work with experienced networks that have the right technology and reporting to ensure they are achieving their goals and targets. Networks like MaxBounty, that offer tremendous levels of transparency and are true partners to their clients focusing on long-term value, will be an immense help to brands trying to navigate through these sometimes-uncertain waters.

TUNE customers who would like to work with MaxBounty can request an introduction directly through the TUNE platform.

Questions? Email us at [email protected].

Tie Davidson

Tie Davidson is a seasoned veteran in the Affiliate Marketing space. As the Partnerships Manager at TUNE, he is committed to sharing his industry knowledge and expertise with brands, agencies, and media partners, while providing education and support for their program recruitment efforts. Tie currently resides in NYC, and spends his spare time as a local food influencer and life coach.