5 Tips and Tricks to Get the Most From HasOffers

Becky Doles

ReviMedia has seen rapid growth since launching in 2010, in part because HasOffers provides excellent tools for managing campaigns and staying on top of growth. Some of those tools have helped maximize our success. Here are five key tips for getting the most from the HasOffers platform.

2019 Update: HasOffers has rebranded to TUNE! TUNE is the same great technology behind HasOffers, now enhanced with new tools and features for affiliate networks and performance advertisers. Check out our new network features page or read the rebrand announcement.

Starting up in the lead generation business is not always smooth sailing. Over the years we at ReviMedia have experienced these ups and downs first-hand and have gained valuable experience in how to improve lead quality.

ReviMedia has seen rapid growth since our launch in 2010, in part because HasOffers has been an excellent tool in managing campaigns and staying on top of growth. This has been a great learning process for us and we want to share a few secrets on how to get the most out of HasOffers.

Combating Fraud

When we first started in lead generation there were many instances where we were unable to pass on leads due to affiliate fraud. We needed a tool that could help us filter out fraudulent affiliates before we started working with them.

HasOffers has proven to be a valuable tool in combating fraud by providing real-time reporting to monitor affiliate traffic. In addition affiliates cannot run campaigns immediately after signing up for an affiliate program. Affiliates are analyzed and ranked according to the level of risk and likelihood of affiliate fraud. We are also able to set criteria for fraud monitoring, which has helped us to reduce lead returns and improve lead verification.

Detailed Reporting

Another thing that has helped ReviMedia stay on top of things is the sophisticated reports provided by HasOffers. In addition to monitoring affiliate traffic and internal API traffic, we are also able to see how many clicks are received on each campaign and who manages the campaigns.

HasOffers also provides Server Postback URLs for conversion tracking. Postback URLs reduce issues with cookies, don’t require java script, eliminate duplicates and dramatically improve affiliate monitoring.

Unique publisher or campaign URLs allow us to track publishers and campaigns, and act immediately if there is a problem.


The white-label solution from HasOffers allows ReviMedia to change the DNS CNAME of our campaigns. We are able to offer our campaigns directly to our affiliates under our own domain name. This has the advantage that affiliates consistently see ReviMedia branding in all parts of our program.

Offer Targeting

Targeting our campaigns toward specific users is another great tool. Through geo-targeting, we are able to direct campaigns at specific states or countries. We are also able to target traffic to specific devices. This has allowed us to optimize all mobile traffic by redirecting mobile traffic to our mobile campaigns. We’ve seen an 8% increase in conversions since initiating mobile targeting.

Traffic Segmentation

One final tool that we find very useful is the ability to segment traffic through HasOffers. By developing a 5-digit code, affiliates are able to pass on a wide variety of parameters to us, which enables us to see traffic source-by-source. This makes it much easier for us to identify which traffic sources are optimal and helps us to increase lead quality.

Continued Growth of ReviMedia

In June 2012, ReviMedia received 1.3 million clicks with 400 different creatives in our system. We have over 500 registered affiliates of which 102 are actively promoting 62 of our offers.

Our HasOffers Enterprise account is integrated with our proprietary lead exchange platform, LXP, which permits us to manage our campaign exposure. Soon we will be integrating the HasOffers API into our platform, which will allow us to add campaigns even more easily.

If you’d like to run ReviMedia offers, be sure to sign up.

And if you want to try out HasOffers for yourself, request a free trial at today.

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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