Infographic – Affiliate Marketing Goes Mobile

Jake Ludington

Mobile internet usage is changing affilate marketing, but what impact is it having? With more than 10 million clicks and over $1 million in payouts daily, the HasOffers servers are a great source of mobile affiliate marketing data. We discovered that 19% of all clicks are coming from mobile users, with mobile CPA averaging $0.37 more than desktop. While iOS still holds a commanding lead in internet usage and Android is creeping up on 50% of all mobile devices in the U.S., those stats don’t necessarily translate into matching performance in the affiliate space. This week’s infographic breaks down aggregate performance of affiliate data to give you a broad view of how affiliate offers are performing on mobile platforms.

Infographic showing how Affiliate Marketing goes Mobile

Jake Ludington

Jake Ludington has over a decade of experience building content publishing teams, coupled with more years as an affiliate marketer than he cares to admit. Follow Jake on Twitter.