Affiliate Tracking Software on the Cloud

Lee Brown

2019 Update: HasOffers has rebranded to TUNE! The TUNE Partner Marketing Platform is the same great technology behind HasOffers, now enhanced with new tools and features for networks and advertisers. Read the rebrand announcement here or head to our homepage to learn more.

We are in the process of moving HasOffers to the cloud (yes, I’m confirming the rumor), and in the process we’ve been learning so much about the technological challenges, the many options out there, and the somewhat strange phenomenon called “Cloud Washing.”  For some reason or another “the cloud” has simply become a marketing ploy for business that don’t really even benefit from the advantages the cloud brings.  Though I do believe it makes sense for just about everything to move to the cloud, it does not add customer value to every product and application.  For example, “I have a blog…on the cloud!,” will not make me want to read what you have to say.

However, it really makes sense for HasOffers.  As you know, we run a business that is completely dependent on our up-time and performance, and though HasOffers has the best track record around, we are constantly innovating to build in more security for our clients.  I mean, the point of an affiliate tracking software as a service is for customers not to worry about hardware limitations, downtime, or latency issues.  That is why we have committed to moving the entire HasOffers application to the cloud for 2011.

We’ll let you know when everything is up (trust me you’ll hear about it), but in the mean time we’re having a great time talking with other cloud computing experts and cloud-based startups.

What company do you think was the most over-rated in the Cloud arena in 2010?  Who is going to be big news in 2011? – other than HasOffers of course!

Lee Brown

Identical twin and co-founder Lee Brown leads the development of the core technologies of TUNE. From an early age of 11, his interest in programming and Internet technologies led the brothers to build websites for local businesses and eventually their own content driven websites. Building ad serving technology in 2006 led him to contribute a shared memory object to the Apache community. As CTO at TUNE, Lee is on the front lines of scalability and flexibility, spearheading an API driven data layer and unique solutions for utilizing Amazon Web Services to host all TUNE products and technologies for industry leading uptime and performance. Lee graduated from Babson College in Boston, MA.