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Announcing Support for Single Sign-On User Authentication

Cale Mooth

TUNE is excited to announce support for Single Sign-On (SSO) user authentication! If you’re currently taking advantage of Okta’s SSO solution in your organization, that seamless and secure login flow experience can be extended to your users when they access TUNE.

Benefits of Single Sign-On

Single sign-on is a common authentication method that allows a user to utilize a single login to securely access multiple systems or applications. If you’re not currently utilizing an SSO service, we suggest looking at Okta, especially if you want to enable SSO in TUNE. (While we are working to expand to other SSO services, Okta is currently the only provider supported in TUNE).

SSO can help maintain tighter controls among IT systems and staff. In addition to tighter controls, SSO can also help reduce login fatigue and increase productivity because users no longer have to manage multiple sets of login credentials and passwords.

Okta suggests that taking advantage of SSO can reduce login related help desk tickets by 75% and reduce new user onboarding time by up to 50% [1]. With that in mind, the sooner your new users have access to TUNE, the greater potential ROI you’re getting from your affiliate marketing program.

How to Enable SSO in TUNE

TUNE Single Sign-On Settings interface
The Single Sign-On Settings interface in the TUNE platform. Enabling SSO through Okta is as simple as filling out four fields and clicking the “SSO Enabled” checkbox.

For those of you with Okta SSO already implemented, TUNE accounts will support your service provider (SP) initiated version of single-sign on, including direct support for you and any team members utilizing Okta. SP initiated login helps extend a consistent login experience for your users and saves your organization time from having to implement a more custom identity provider (IdP) initiated login.

Setting up SSO through Okta is as simple as filling out four fields and enabling the feature for your users.

For now, TUNE’s SSO implementation will support all Employee level users. Partner and Advertiser users aren’t supported at this time. Does your organization have a good use case for supporting these additional user types? We’d like to hear about it! Log in to your TUNE account at and let us know.

If you’re interested in enabling SSO support with TUNE for your organization, contact your Customer Success Manager and we’ll get you started.


Cale Mooth

Cale is a Senior Product Manager for TUNE and is focused on creating the best experience possible for TUNE users. Prior to TUNE, Cale worked in the email marketing space for 8 years, building tools to help marketers better connect with their audience. Cale has a background in design earning a BFA from the University of Tennessee.

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