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How Carrier App Traffic scaled from running 5 to 5,000 campaigns simultaneously using HasOffers

Jessica Biber

carrier app traffic

If you’ve ever hustled to scale your business from a few campaigns to a few thousand, you’ll definitely want to check out this video from Carrier App Traffic. As a growing company specializing in mobile monetization solutions for carriers, they had the same challenge — but between all the campaigns, channels, and partners out there, had a hard time knowing where to begin. (Sound familiar?) Well, that’s where HasOffers by TUNE came in.

As you’ll see in the video, Carrier App Traffic successfully scaled from half-a-dozen campaigns at any one time, to around 5,000. Watch the 3-minute video to find out more, and if it sounds like something you’d like to check out for yourself, check out HasOffers for a free trial.

“We have a daily revenue report, and we’re optimizing by campaign, by partner, by channel, across the board. We wouldn’t be able to do that without the reporting that’s available from TUNE and HasOffers.”
– Blake Fayling, Founder and CEO of Carrier App Traffic

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Jessica Biber

Jessica is the Senior Content Marketing Strategist at TUNE. Prior to TUNE, she managed a Marketing and Communications team for a national healthcare company, and she contributes to The Huffington Post and several blogs. She received her bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Pepperdine University, and loves exploring Seattle, traveling, and entertaining with friends.