TUNE Partner Spotlight: ConsumerVoice

Lyndsey Fish

TUNE Connect Partner Spotlight on ConsumerVoice

In this month’s TUNE Partner Spotlight, we’re highlighting a company you may have encountered while researching new mattresses or shopping for pet food: ConsumerVoice. Like their name implies, ConsumerVoice is all about getting you the ratings and reviews you need to make a smart purchase decision. Find out how they work and how they could benefit your business in their profile below!

Q: Let’s hear the 10,000-foot view of ConsumerVoice. 

A: ConsumerVoice helps consumers make fast purchase decisions by helping them to discover and compare reviews for products and services they desire. We specialize in paid search marketing, targeting high purchase-intent generic traffic (e.g. “best moving company”), branded comparison traffic (e.g. “Saatva mattress vs Purple”), and review traffic (e.g. “Farmer’s Dog review”).

CEO Dylan Ramsey and CTO CJ Sanders founded ConsumerVoice, building on over a decade of success managing a network of affiliate coupon websites including among others.   

Brooke Martinez ([email protected]) acts as the primary point of contact for new partnerships. She has worked in the review and comparison space since 2013, helping and ConsumerAffairs to grow before joining ConsumerVoice in 2019. And, CMO Charlie Cohn brings the experience of managing performance marketing campaigns dating back to 2012 with positions at CouponPal and   

In addition to the primary ConsumerVoice site, the team owns and operates niche sites including and, allowing us to find the best placement for any given partner.

Q: Who is your audience and what are your targeting capabilities? 

A: ConsumerVoice specializes in category-specific paid search for high purchase-intent, brand review, and comparison traffic. This includes targeting ads for terms like “best movers” or “compare cross country movers” for our moving category, “wine insiders review” with the brand showing in the top position on our wine clubs page, and “Nolah vs Purple” on our mattresses page

We tailor our ad placements by device, geo-restrictions, search network (Google vs Bing) to meet partner’s needs; and we are building a more robust organic search profile. ConsumerVoice is already seeing early signs of success with our SEO efforts ranking in top positions for “Freshly reviews 2021,” “Pumpkin pet insurance reviews,” and more. 

Q: Can you share an example of a recent successful campaign? 

A: We launched a lead gen paid search campaign targeting “moving company” related queries in November 2020. By working with our top partners to identify the most valuable leads for their business, we have been able to narrow the focus of our campaigns and expand coverage for those terms — frequently showing in the top positions for competitive queries including “moving companies,” “movers,” and “cross country movers.” In the past month alone, we have generated over $1M of high-quality leads for our top partners.

We began promoting pet insurance on ConsumerVoice in December of 2019. A year later we had doubled our monthly traffic, and have more than doubled again in 2021. Our pet insurance partners utilize a CPC payout model that allows us to quickly ramp up spend and evaluate bid changes. To ensure we deliver traffic that converts, our partners provide monthly click-to-policy data allowing us to evaluate each ad group theme and ad targeting setting. By working with our partners, we have been able to align goals and power a secondary site — where we can expand coverage.

Finally, online mattress sales are a particularly competitive niche. In addition to providing coverage for early-interest shopping terms like, “best bed in a box” and “top mattress for heavy people,” we provide brand reputation management assistance for the brands we feature. When a customer searches for “Saatva reviews,” “Casper vs Tuft and Needle,” or “Dreamcloud competitors” —  we show a branded result, directing traffic to a lander with our mattress partner ranked favorably. These TM+ campaigns have proven to add to the brand’s individual efforts, displace competitors, and help fund generic search for the category.  

Q: What makes a successful partnership with ConsumerVoice and why? 

A: ConsumerVoice’s team has worked at top affiliate publishers for over a decade, bringing experience and expertise. 

We understand that our goals must align with our partners and maintain active communication to ensure all parties’ goals align. We work with our partners to ensure the metrics we optimize towards benefit each brand, and adjust over time when they do not.

Furthermore, our development team has demonstrated the ability to roll out features necessary to power these relationships. Need an automated report? We can do that. Just want to show on Saturdays? We’ve done that, too. 

ConsumerVoice has worked with everyone from the most established of affiliate programs to brand new ones — helping to shape what works for each. Let us know how you want to be promoted and we’ll work with your team to make it happen wherever possible.

Q: Tell us something unique about ConsumerVoice.

A: Where other sites might send lower-converting tertiary, remnant traffic, display, email, or social traffic — ConsumerVoice focuses on scaling high-quality traffic. We only run paid search utilizing Google and Bing search engines, as well as optimizing our site for SEO to keep quality and conversion rates high.  

We have dedicated Google and Bing teams that help us to optimize our campaigns, ensure we use all search tools available to us, grant us early access to Beta programs, and set up specialized campaigns and tests in accordance with best practices. By leveraging our expertise and their teams, we are able to deliver superior search coverage while staying a step ahead of less sophisticated publishers.

Q: What can we expect to see from ConsumerVoice in the future? 

A: ConsumerVoice continues to grow at a rapid pace month-over-month. We are active in over thirty product and service categories and are testing new niches at all times.  

We actively promote partners in the following verticals via paid or organic search:

  • Moving companies 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Mattresses 
  • Dog and cat food 
  • Tax relief 
  • Renters insurance 
  • Project management software 
  • Invisible braces 
  • Credit repair services 
  • Debt relief 
  • Extended auto warranty 
  • Medical alert systems 
  • Homeowner insurance 
  • Emergency foods 
  • Life insurance 
  • Air purifiers 
  • Wine of the month clubs 
  • Identity theft protection 
  • Meal delivery / diet meal delivery kits 
  • Smart mirrors 
  • Bidets 
  • Wood chippers 
  • Weed eaters 
  • Invisible fences 
  • Storage sheds 
  • Car jacks 
  • Car phone mounts 
  • Navigation systems and radar detectors 
  • Baby cribs and bassinets 
  • Blood pressure monitors 

See a place you fit or think you have a good fit for testing? We’re open to new categories and discussions — just send Brooke Martinez a message at [email protected]!

Lyndsey Fish

Lyndsey Fish is the Director of Partnerships at TUNE. Before joining TUNE, Lyndsey worked for a leading partner marketing agency, overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients. Her career has focused on growing affiliate partnerships, utilizing data to make strategic decisions for consumer brands, and driving incremental growth.

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